Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day two!

Day two

7:00 AM

I woke to the annoying, deafening sound of the birds singing. The more I listened the more annoyingly beautiful it started to sound. I yawned, and crawled out of the tent, trying not to wake anyone. I planned to get some fire wood, light a fire, and boil some salt water, which I've heard purifies it. I still had 5 protein bars, but I plan to give my group some tinned fruit for breakfast, saving the protein bars for our hike towards the mountain.

I took out the metal pan I brought, and filled it with water, then I lit a match, after trekking around trying to find dry fire wood, and soon, there was a nice, warm fire burning. I took out three cans of peaches, and emptied the first aid kit to pour the water in. I took a sip of the hot water, shivered, and gazed towards the tent, deciding to let my group rest for at least another half an hour, I laid on my bag, and closed my eyes.


I woke up, sweating, gasping for air, after a nightmare, I dreamt that we walked to the mountain, and our group turned on each other. It was terrible. I turned around to see Haylee, and kieran sitting on the log I transferred as a seat in front of the fire. They half smiled at me, and then continued staring out to the sea. I winced, and felt my throat prickle, my stomach knot, and my eyes water, I hugged my knees, and whimpered.

"Come sit with us!" Haylee whispered. I dragged my feet towards the log, and sat between Haylee and Kieran. They tried to comfort me, but I just couldn't shake the feeling, that something bad was about to happen.

9:15 AM

"Why didn't you guys wake us? I feel bad that you were all waiting for us! You could've started eating!"

"Yeah! I feel bad too!"

Dilshen agreed with Kim.

I smiled and pulled out the fresh water and peaches, my group smiled back at me and we ate in silence. After washing our dishes in some more fresh water I boiled, we used the towel to dry the first aid kit, put all of the supplies back in it, and sat in our tent to plan the day.


I poured the left over peaches into one of the cans, and decided to carry them to the mountain incase anyone got hungry, it would also save the high protein bars. We were going to have 5 minutes each, carrying the bag. I was first off. I sighed looked back at th beach, making sure we hadn't left anything, and saw something shimmer in the sand. I gasped grasping my neck, I had almost lost my lucky charm necklace from my mum! I felt my eyes water again, grabbed my necklace and ran to catch up to the rest of the group.

Sticks, and twigs flicked at my face, I was leading the way, I had studied the maps for this island a lot, so I practically knew it inside out I took out some insect repellant, after swatting away the last mosquito I could handle and applied it, I offered it to my group and we continued walking. We reached the mountain after about 3 hours. We were all exhausted and collapsed at the bottom of the mountain, gasping for breath, we drank from our 4 litre water bottle. And I helped bandage up Kim's sprained ankle.

I trekked up half the mountain with the rope, tied it to a tree, and yelled down to the rest of my group. They used the rope to assist them in climbing up the mountain, and then me, being my clumsy self, tripped over a tree root. exposing a concrete block, that seemed to be "part" of the mountain. I gasped ripping away the rest of the foliage covering the rest of the concrete blocks, and gasped. WAS THE ENTIRE MOUNTAIN MAN MADE!!?? The whole mountain seemed to be made out of these 1.5 by 1.5 metre concrete blocks. I was starting to think that this mountain wasn't even a mountain. I WAS man made!

"It's not even a mountain!" I gasped.

"It's some sort of pyramid" Dilshen exclaimed.

We stood in silence. And after about 2 minutes, we started walking again. Breathing heavily, and pretty soo we could see the top of the mountain. I grinned, glad we were almost there, and Kieran ran towards the top of the mountain. I stopped hoping that there would still be a fresh water spring, even though this wasn't really a mountain any more. I was just about to sigh once more, when I saw Kieran fall downwards into a kind of hole, in the mountain.

I screamed


I ran towards the hole and gasped, it seemed as if there was a block deliberatly missing, it led down towards a sort of cave. Kieran chuckled, I put on my "serious face"

" That wasn't funny, I'm scared enough as it is!!! Get back up here!!!"

Kieran chuckled again, and I peered down into where he had fallen.

"Wow! It's some sort of cave! Lets investigate!

I'll go down ther . . ."

"No!" Dilshen interupted, "I'll go with Kieran!"

"O.k then !" I agreed. "But you need to bring your whistle Kieran. In case something happens. Blow it if anything goes wrong, then we'll know when to start really panicking!"

"Funny funny." Kieran replied.

I smiled poked out my tounge and continued.

So after we had tied the rope around their waists, and given Kieran the whistle, the slowly jumped down the step-like blocks.

"WAIT!!" I called. "Take this!" I said pulling out a torch from the survival kit. "It might come in handy!" I said sarcastically. I smiled at the guys, and watched, as they dissapeared into the darkness.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


We waited for at least half an hour. And then suddenly, we heard that ear peircing sound echoing through the caves.


I gasped. Haylee, and Kim did too. "I'll go to help them!!" Kim exclaimed. "No Kim! We need someone stronger to go down!" I replied. We agreed that I would go dow, so I gulped, and walked downwards, into the darkness, hopefully towards Dilshen and Kieran.

12:34 PM

"Diiiiilshen???? Kiiiieran!??" I yelled warily. I stepped into a small corridor, there were large rows of columns, along the edges of the passageway. There were strange engravings in the walls, and right at the end of the corridor was one of the largest engravings of all, a lagre eye, with a curl coming down from the corner of it. I gasped, and came to a fork in the corridor, I frowned, and called out again. "DIIIIILSHEN!!!!!!!!!!! KIIIEERAN!!!!!!!!!" "BBBBLLLLLLEEEEEPPPP!!" I gasped and ran towards the sound, "Keep whistling!!!!! I can hear you!!!" I yelled. "BBBBLLLLLEEEEEPPPP!!!!" I came to a stop at a dark room. I was about to step forward when i heard a loud, worried voice. "STOOOOP! Be careful! I'm down here, there is a long cliff, be careful!!!!" I looked down. Gasped, and stepped backwards. " I've got a rope! You can grab onto it, I'll try to pull you up!" I fumbled with the rope, then grasped an end, tied it to one of the strange collumns, and heaved. It took a lot of work, but after a while, Dilshen was standing beside me, sighing.

"Are you O.k?" Whats all that dust all over you?"

"I fell into a mummified body. I found this around it."

He lifted up a necklace with the same eye symbol as before, in the corridor.

"Hey! I saw that symbol in that corridor!! Mysterious."


"Where's Kieran?"

"He ran off. He wanted to split up. But I didn't he ran off with the torch."

" So he's abandoned us?!"

" I think he's coming back, if he can find his way."

" Hope he's alright"

"Yeah same"

We walked past the eye engraving, and I frowned, "Dilshen see if that amulet matches the engraving"

Dilshen held the amulet up to the engraving, and the room rumbled, and shook.

"Dilshen! What's happening???!!!!"

"We have to get out of here!!!"

We ran towards the exit, just as the stone locked in place. There was now no way in, and no way out.

2:34 PM

We gasped up to Haylee and Kim, without Kieran, we told them about our discoveries, without kieran then we told them about kieran, without kieran. Lastly we told them about the eye, and the rock closing the enterance.

"So have we lost Kieran . . . . . Forever?" Kim exclaimed

"Dun dun duuuuuuuun. Sorry I just had to add that!" I giggled.

"Sup guys"

I gasped and turned around to see kieran clambering over the other side of the mountain.

"Kieran!!?? Where'd you go? How'd you get back here?" I asked.

To be honest, I had soooo many questions, that I didn't really know where to start.

"Well, it's a long story. I don't really know where to start."

"How about at the beginning?!" I added.

"Good idea" He replied and we listened, not sure what we were about to hear.

"So, what happened was . . . . . . well, I ran off away from Dilshen becaus . . "

"You wanted to split up but he didn't yeah, continue." I interrupted.

"So, I continued on, to this big corridor, and I was walking along" Kieran said motioning skipping." When suddenly I fell in a large hole. I screamed, which you didn't really need to know, and then I realised that I had fallen on a large pile of bones. I felt a breeze and realised that there was a long tunnel ahead of me. I followed the tunnel and as I went on, the bones got more and more deformed and the heads got more and more cone shaped." I shivered at Kieran's story thinking about aliens and evil creatures, I shook off the thoughts and continued listening. "So I came to this room, it was dark and had a few more of those engravings. There was a huge basket, with a lever inside it, I pulled it, and the basket went up, into another room, there was a furnace in it, and old blacksmith gear, I also saw a big window looking out onto the island. I was about to climb out the window, to meet you guys, when I saw a necklace thing. See?" He held up a amulet identical to Dilshens one.

"Hey!! Dilshen found a necklace just like that!! After you abadoned him, he fell down into a hole, and crushed a dead mummified body under him. He found this."

I beckoned for Dilshen to hold up his amulet. "Maybe it means something. Mysterious." Said Haylee.

"It could be like a club thing. I wonder how many we can find?"

"I don't know, but Kieran, you said you climbed out a window right?"


"Was it leading to that room with the furnace?"

"Yes. Why do you need to know this?????"

"I think we should live/camp there. It's safe, warm, dry, right?"

"Yeah. It's got a fire too! We could use that for cooking!"

"Good idea, so it's safe, dry, and has got stuff that could help keep us alive!!!!!"

"Well, then, lets go! We've got to get there before anyone else finds it!!!!"
And with that, we walked off towards our new home. Fingers crossed.

4:00 AM

Warm peaches aren't the best lunch, but we were starving, and anything was good enough. As we chomped down the slimy orange food, gulping down the fresh water haylee and I ran up to collect, from the spring at the top of the mountain, I looked around at our new home grasping my necklace tightly, every now and then, clicking it open, staring at my family. Whimpering slightly. I stared down at my torn clothes, and whimpered more. I remembered my mum hugging me, kissing me on the for head, and giving me these clothes that she had brought especially for this occasion. I whimpered again.

"I was thinking," Kim interupted my thoughts, "That we could like, dig a hole in the roof or something, under the stream thing, and so the water drips down to us."

"We don't know what we would be digging into, there could be more bones, or amulets, or chambers blah blah blah." I said, I wasn't in the mood for social butterflying. I closed my eyes, and slowly drifted, drifted, to sleep.

7:00 PM


I woke up startled, half expecting it to be dark, but it turned out that it was still kind of sunny.

"You fell asleep."

"mmm Yeah I guess I YAWN did. Sorry guys what did I miss?"

"Well, nothing really, we just put down the communal blanket, we are about to go to sleep, don't worry though just go back to sleep, we are now aswell."

I yawned again, and drifted, drifted, drifted.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Day one

8:45 Am
We had all spent one whole week preparing for our trip, and we were all ecstatic.It was a long drive to Kawhia harbour, we were all ready before hand and didn't really know what to expect.We all piled on the bus and sat in our usual cliques. Behind the constant chattering, we could hear the hum of the bus constantly swerving in different directions.

9:15 AM

After about fifteen minutes,we stepped out of the bus, and I gained that sickly feeling you always seem to get once you step off a vehicle after a long journey.I yawned, stretched, and walked towards the sandy beach of Kawhia.

We were all buzzing with excitement as we sat down to eat our lunch on those old mossy tables that always have birds all around them. I didn't feel like eating after the bus ride, so I threw most of my sandwiches to the ducks, and they seemed to thank me. Weird.

9: 25 AM

"RRRRRRUUUUUUUMMMMMM" The plane, or should I say brick, literally it was HUGE!! Not as in, lots-of-space, as in thick! If you have any spare time, you know, and you're bored, you should check out a picture of one. But for now, I'll just explain it to you. Well, the exterior of the "Grumman HU-16 Albatross" had two thick envelope white wings, and there was about 12 windows, that were about 30 Cm's across and 30 Cm's down. "AYE! Welcome to Kawhia harbour. I see you're looking at this here fine sea plane! Well, shiver me timbers! Ye are! I'll be ye co-pilot, David Woodcock for this here journey across the seven skies! Please step in single file into this hear sea plane, and sit in ye groups! Aye!!!!"
"Well, come on me Hearties, what are ye waiting for???!!!"

9:30 AM

After giggling at Mr Woody's ridiculous pirate outfit and impersonation, we did what we were told, and walked in single file, with a few odd students walking in two's. And sat in our groups, my group sat in the second row from the front, and after chatting with Kieran, who was sitting beside me, and Haylee who was sitting to the left of me, I buckled my seat belt, and chatted some more.

9: 35 AM

"RRRUUUUUUUMMMMMMMM" The plane hummed some more, as we wriggled around in our seats, buzzing more than bee's, which , as you may know, buzz quite a lot. "CCCRRRRACCCKKLLLEE CCCRREEAKKK" I covered my ears as the intercom crackled, and creaked, which was caused by some one obviously using it for the first time, in a very long time, at least I think that's why it crackled, I doubt it was because it disliked whoever was trying to speak into it. However, if I had've known then, who was about to speak into the intercom, I probably wouldn't have been able to hold in an "eeekk" either.

9:40 AM

"HELLO!!!!!!! This is you're pilot speaking! My name is Sam! Now, before you start freaking out, and reminding me that I am only twelve don't worry, I have had tests, to see if I am a suitable pilot, and I passed all of them."

Everyone went silent.

"So, have a nice flight!!"

The rest of the flight was completely silent, and behind the rattles of the Grumman HU-16 Albatross, you could hear a variety of gulps, sighs, whimpers, and the occasional shuffling around in seats. " O.k so here's what I know" I murmured to whoever was listening, " Sam is only 12" I was very surprised when sudden sounds of agreement were made by literally everyone in my class, almost as if they were waiting for someone brave enough to break the silence, and, to be honest, I wasn't expecting that to be me. " We need to stay calm, It's a nice day, Sam's flying skills seem to be genuine, and we havn't crashed yet, so far, nothing that bad has happened." I was trying to be the strong one, you know reassuring everyone, and it seemed to be working, as I looked around I saw that everyone was nodding in agreement. I was just about to reassure some more, when a large "BBOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!" Interupted my efforts.

10:10 AM

After another series of creeeeaaakkks and ccccrrraakkles we turned our heads towards the old intercoms, just in time to hear Sam's worried voice, "uuuhhhh. There has been some unreported lightning, and thunder, aaannnddd rain, but, no need to uhhh worry, we will be arriving shortly" I strained towards the intercom just enough to hear a little "I hope" at then end of his sentence, and then everything went crazy.

10:15 AM


"CALM DOWN!!!!!!!!"

I yelled, remembering my imaginary job as, what would you call it? A brave knight? A mature person? A some what leader? Kind of all of them I guess. Anyway, where was I up to? oh, right,sorry

"CALM DOWN!!!!!!!!!"

I yelled racing up to the front of the plane where everyone could see me "everyone, this is serous! Grab hold of your bags,and buckle your seat belts!! Choose a partner, and stick with them, to make sure thet're O.K if anything happens". It didn't take long after my " if anything happens" for the screams to start up again "TRUST ME!!! WE NEED TO STAY CALM!!"

"she's right!!"
"yeah she is"

I looked beside me to see all of my group members standing beside me, supporting me. I smiled, mouthed "thank you" and continued.

" Once again, hold tightly onto your bags and choose a partner!"

I glimpsed at Kim, nodded and continued again " So once you've done that, buckle into your seat be . . . . . ." I was interupted by the sudden weightless feeling, as I floated around the cabin "O.k? Why are we floating?" I was floating around towards my seat with Kim close behind, I was just about to join Kieran and Dilshen, who were already in their seats, when I noticed Haylee behind Kim still at the front of the plane, looking worried, obviously, " Kim, we have to help Haylee! She's still at the front of the plaaannn . . . . "

I was again interrupted, and to be honest it was getting to be quite annoying, by the end of the weightlessness, and I slammed down towards the floor, feeling a sharp pain shoot through my ankle, I winced, as you tend to do after a painful experience, and crawled towards Haylee and Kim, and noticed that Kim seemed to be experiencing the same shot of pain. I glanced towards Haylee to see that she was dead, well, not dead, unconscious, I gasped, and helped Kim carry her back to her seat. We got her to her seat just before another series of rumbles started up again. the plane seemed to suddenly start spiralling downwards, TOWARDS THE SEA!!!! "O.k, I never passed my pilot tests!!" I heard Sam admit as we were plummeting towards the silky, aqua-coloured ocean.

10:50 AM

I joined the chorus of screaming, "took my own advice", and grasped my bag tightly, keeping an eye on Haylee, making sure she would get out alive. Yes, I had predicted that we were about to crash into the sea. So I stood up, opened the hatch on the roof of the plane, and told Kim, Kieran, and Dilshen to jump. No, I'm not crazy, but I knew that we might get more hurt if we stayed in the plane so I helped Kim, Kieran and Dilshen carry Haylee and, well, to put it simply, we jumped.

11:00 AM

I felt the icy cold water engulf me as I felt the burning in my chest while I was fighting like crazy, through the water for breath. I felt my fingers "grasp" the air, followed suit, and fought hard, to get my head above the water, just as much as my fingers were. Straight after I gained enough Oxygen, I looked around to see Kieran and Dilshen helping each other to shore, I smiled, proud of how well my "choose a partner" instructions were working.

I froze, remembering Haylee, and Kim, and swam in a circle trying to find them. I spotted Kim, breathing heavily, and trying desperately to keep Haylee's head above the water. I swam over to them , and helped Kim drag Haylee to shore. Everyone in my group was safe. I looked around at everyone panicked faces, and realised that no one had save their bags. I panicked, looked out towards the ocean, and saw my bag floating further out towards the sea, without thinking, I dived into the ocean, in which I nearly drowned, and free-styled towards my bag. After what seemed like hours, I reached my bag and towed it to shore, looking out to try and spot other bags. I failed dragging my soaking wet bag towards my group. Suddenly I heard a loud "BBBOOOMMM" and turned towards the ocean to se the Grumman HU-16 Albatross plummeting towards the ocean.

11:05 AM

I covered my eyes not wanting to see the disaster. and after another long series of screaming, I peeked through my cold hands, to see a group of people swimming towards the shore, and then it hit me. I ran towards my group and started talking.

"O.k so here's what's gonna happen, do you remember the maps we looked at for this island?" Murmurs of agreement came from my group. I continued. "yeah well, I just reaslied that we only have 3 litres of water, right? So we need to get to that small mountain nearby, that has a fresh water spring, we need to walk across this beach, and get to that mountain, It will take about two days, so we'll put up the tent in my bag, and sleep on that beach before the small mountain, then we'll walk up to the mountain to the fresh-water spring. O.k?"

I heard mumbles of agreement from my group, so I nodded and lead the way.

6:00 PM

I sat on the beach, grasping for five protein bars, and handed them out to my now exhausted group, despite our circumstances, I was smiling, I had become a real leader since we landed on the island, and thanks to me, we now have a plan, and have already accomplished half of it, us already being on the beach. I also grinned at the tent, I had kept in my bag, and reminisced about the full 12 minutes it took to put up the tent, and lastly I smiled at my group, my safe group, sitting by the fire, we had lit with my matches. I picked at my protein bar, sipped some water from our 4 litre drink bottle, and smiled, once more.

6:30 PM

Sure, 6:30 is a pretty early time to go to sleep, but I managed to convince my group that we needed a lot of sleep, after what we had been through. They quietly nodded. And we all went to sleep, we all slept in a long row, using the communal blanket to keep warm. I lay still, thinking, you may wonder what I was thinking about, well you know everything, how we were going to get off the island, how we were going to survive etc. I was just about to think about my family, when I felt my eye lids flicker.

And then the darkness closed in.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Hi!! Pinky here!

Today, my group and I, discovered a few interesting & handy facts about lightning.
" Can I see them?" you may ask. But I only have two words for ya!

HIGHLY CLASSIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's a tip, do some research and it will benifit you in the long run. You may have some information that will be needed in an emergency situation. For instance, lightning appears. You have reaearched lightning well, and you know what to stay away from, and where to shelter. You will probably live for much longer that way! So I hope you'll take in my advice!! Because it sure will help!!
THnx 4 rdng!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

1 bag.

Hi. Pinky here!

Do you remember the 10 items I brought?????

Well, all of the other members in my group lost their bags in the ocean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh well!

We have also got bonus item for being one of the first people to create a "return to Matainui" blog. And also because of our awesome research!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What will I bring???

Hi! Pinky here,

For my return to Matainui, I will be bringing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  1. A meduim sized tent. (made to fit about four people)
  2. A survival kit.
  3. 10 metres of rope.
  4. Tarpoline.
  5. Matches.
  6. First aid kit.
  7. Communal blanket.
  8. Tinned food ( about 10 cans).
  9. 10 high protein bars.
  10. Metal pan.

Bonus Item: Towel.

Bonus item: Toilet paper.

So hopefully I have made the right decisions, wish me and my group luck!!!!