Thursday, December 10, 2009


“WEEEEEHEEEEEEE!!!!!” Charli yelled. “This is fun Madz!! I’m glad you’re my sister!”

"Yeah sure Charli, thanks, did that dress fit you?” I said to my 7 year old blond sister.

“Yes!! It was sooo cool!!! When do we get to Matainui? I wasn’t to go and see your friends Kim and Haylee!” She whined.

“In about three more minutes!” I assured. “How you doing Holly?” I asked my other 9 year old sister.

“Good!!! I can’t believe you can fly!!!!” She gasped.

“Rosie? How about you?”

“I’m having fun!!!” My 5 year old sister replied.

“O.K, here we are!” said, popping my families air bubbles, as they landed safely to the ground.

“Hey guys!” I said.

“Hey Maddi!” Dilshen, Haylee, Kim, and Kieran replied.

“How’s, they tree house going?” I asked.

“Good!! But we need your help. We can’t lift this.” Kieran said, pointing to a long, metal pole.

“Sure!” I said lifting it up easily in an air bubble. “Where do you want it?” I asked.

“Just in that hole there, it’s going to be our flag!” He said.

“Awesome!” I yelled.

“I painted it that color!!” Rosie yelled.

“You sure did!” Haylee said, cuddling her.

“We’re so proud of you guys!” Our parents said, giving us various hugs.

“Well” I said. “Matainui’s a magical place.

Last day.

'*YAWN* *GASP* Come on guys!!!" I said jumping up. "We need to find everyone, turn them back to normal!" I said. jumping up, going into the changing room, and getting into my 'last day' outfit. I smiled when I put it on. I was wearing a white flowing dress. With pretty, silver slipper-like shoes. I let my hair down, stroking it with my hands. And smiling.

"O.K guys, woah! Your ready already!!!" I gasped, I shrugged, and opened the door, I fe;t a small river of tears drop from my sad eyes. "Goodbye spaceship" I stuttered. Turning around holding hands with my group, and flying off into the distance, watching the door close behind me.

"O.K guys!! Now that your normal agin, I willcarry you by air bubble, 8 at a time, back to N.Z" I smiled, at my class. "It will take about 1/4 of an hour to take each group across, and I will make 4 trips." I finished. Turning around, carrying the first 1/4 of my class, back, back to New Zealand.....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

THE END!!!!!!!!!
(THE END!!!!!!!!)

Day 13

"RISE AND SHINE!!!!!!!!!" I yelled, already in my ultimate adventure clothes Kim had made the day before. They were, Pink camou shorts, a white short sleeved top, and a pink camou jacket. I had put black paint in lines on my face like the traditional army people did. I gasped to see that the rest of my group had slept in their clothes so that they were already ready.

"Lets do this" I said.

We flew towards the mountain eager to beat the aliens, we giggled, smirked, and chuckled on the way . When we got to the mountain we practised our powers a bit. Then we entered the elevator, and braced ourselves.

We reached the bottom to find five aliens standing over the mutant Mr Woody, saying something.

"We have taken care of those kids, one of them was shot, they won't be coming back, unless they're absolutely crazy!!!"

I smiled, holding the ankh up to my ear, and repeating what they said.

"We have taken care of those kids, one of them was shot, they won't be coming back, unless they're absolutely crazy!!!" I giggled.

And purposley cleared my throat, trying to get their attention. It worked. They turned towards us pulling out guns, I smiled, turning us into air the bullets went straight through us. I laughed evilly, well, tried to anyway, I think it worked because they turned all of they're guns to me, I chuckled, froming an air bubble inside one of the aliens, and expanding it until they collapsed, I gasped, starig at my hands, Wow, I'm powerful!! I thought, doing it over and over again, to every alien, until there were none left in the room. I turned us back to normal, and we walked over to Mr Woody.

"You guys, I had a dream last night, that if we all tried hard and held hand in a circle around someone, we could turn them back to human!" I said.

"O.K" Dilshen said. "Lets try!" We all stood in a circle, around Mr woody, thinking hard, I felt a warm glow over my face, and looked down to see the human Mr Woody!!!! I giggled.

"A+++++++++++++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mr Woody said. We all cracked up laughing, and told Mr Woody our whole stroy, and he told us his,

"Well, I was kidnapped by the aliens, I thought I saw a Moa, so I walked towards it, and fell into a deep hole, I stayed in there for about a day, then the aliens came back and knocked me out, they, took me here, and were torturing me for days, poking needles through my head trying to turn me into a mutant, I'm glad you turned me back. . . . . . . ."

"Speaking of back mr woody, we can get back!" I informed. "I can carrypeople back to N.Z, in an air bubble, probably about seven people ata time," I said.

"What about 10?" He asked.
"I'm not that strong!" I giggled.
"So, you guys have go t powers huh?" He asked.
"Yup!" We agreed.
"Lets go back to pur spaceship, have a rest, and go back in the morning." I said.
"O.K." Mr Woody said."Oh, wait!!! I heard the aliens talking in english once! They said, that we, us, went forward in time!!" He said.
"OH!!! THAT THING WAS A TIME WARP!!!!!!" I exclaimed.
"Yes!" Mr Woody said.

So with that, we flew back to our spaceship, had some food, had, had a long long sleep. . . . . . . . . . . . . ..........................................................................................................................................................................

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 12

"*YAWN*" I yawned. "Wow! I never usually have this good of a sleep at Matainui!" I grinned, rolling over to face the rest of my group.

"I has such a good sleep!" Dilshen smiled, hugging his pillow.

"*gasp*" I gasped. "We need to go back to the lake to see if anything has happened!" I yelled grabbing my new clothes, and running to the changing room. I came out of the changing room smiling, and continuously posing for my group. I grinned looking down at my white 3/4 length tights, over top there was a gold poof skirt, with a black singlet top, and a short cardigan/jacket, of white.

"You look so cool!" Kim yelled.

"Thanks for the clothes Kim, your good as at making them! They remind me of Supre!" I said.

"It's all because of my power, suddenly I know all about what most thing are made out of, I then grow the ingredients, and there!" She grinned.

"You look cool too!" I said to Haylee and Kim. Haylee was wearing a Blue singlet over a pink singlet, with a short denim skirt and pink tights. Kim was wearing a Emerald green halter neck dress, going down to her knees, with creamy beige tights going down to her ankles. The boys were just wearing plain old board shorts, with short sleeved tops that looked kind of like they were from hallensteins.

"O.K, lets go guys,. we're ready!" I grinned, flying out carrying the rest of my group in air bubbles around me, I felt my amulets shake in my pocket as we got closer and closer to the mountain. I gulped, as the lake came into view.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" I screamed as I saw the lake, it seemed that a huge mountain had risen up in it's place!! I could still see the cave we were in the day before, it still had the topaz shining in the middle, I grinned as i flew around the mountain, looking for an entrance. I shrugged, and flew into the chamber from the day before.

"HEY!!!" I yelled pointing to five silver chains, floating above the spaces where our amulets were the other day. I gasped and grabbed them walking towards my group.

"I think all of our amulets fit into these bracelets, well, this one has a slight green tinge, so I'm guessing it's Kim's, this one is kind of sparkly, so I think it's mine, this one has kind of a black tinge, so I'm guessing it's Dilshen's, this one looks tinged red, so It's Kieran's and lastly this one is tinged blue, so I'm guessing it's Haylee's" I said handing all of them out.

"Um. Lets try to put our mini eyes, one this chain." Dilshen said.

I tried to put them on, but only one clicked, I frowned grabbing one of Dilshen's. It clicked. I grinned grabbing one of each of them, they all clicked nicely.

"Cool!" We yelled. I heard a long buzzing sound, kind of like a drill, I frowned, and walked over to the wall, pressing my ear against it. I smiled, and ran my finger over a crack in the wall, like I had in the cave before. The wall, slid open, I gasped, beckoned my group, we stepped into the dark cave, I was about to walk over to the corner of the room, when I tripped over, causing the whole room we were in to shake, we screamed, as the room slid down, like an elevator.

We felt a big bump. And the doors on the other side slid open. I gasped, as I laid eyes on a doctor-like room, with a whole lot of equipment lying everywhere, I looked out side the glass room, with all of the equipment, to see disgusting alien creatures, with octopus like legs, wriggling around outside. I felt sick, watching their green heads inflate, then deflate, over and over again. I then turned my vision to the middle of the room, I gasped, seeing MR WOODY!!!

He was lying in the middle of the room, tied to an operating table, with a metal cap on his head, with a clear tube with green liquid running into his head, I gasped again. Pointing to him, my group gasped an we were about to run towards him. His eyes, started to multiply, his legs became scaly, and yellow, and his body, became green and oozy. I screamed. Whoops. A whole lot of aliens came running, or should I say wriggling, in.

We gasped, hiding under one of the desks.

"The experiment has been very successful master!!! Our patient has already transformed."

"Well, what can I say, He was easy to trick!"

"What!!!???" I whispered, I smiled, holding the ankh, which had been in my pocket, up to my ear.

"The experiment has been very successful master!!! Our patient has already transformed."

"Well, what can I say, He was easy to trick!"

I gasped quietly, after hearing what they had said, I wanted to make a dash for the door straight away.

"O.K guys, we are super hero's!! We can beat these wannabes!' I encouraged.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAYA!!!" I screamed jumping out from my hiding spot. "Take this aliens!" I yelled, placing five aliens inside an air bubble. "Kieran! Fire please?"

"My pleasure!" He yelled placing fire inside the bubble.

I looked over my shoulder, giggling at Haylee drowning most of the aliens, and Kim, strangling them with vines. I gasped, suddenly seeing an alien running towards us with a gun. I screamed.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" I ran towards the rest of my group, the whole thing seemed to go in slow motion, I focused on being air-like, causing the bullet go straight through me and out the other side. I gasped, seeing Kieran standing behind me, I screamed, again. As the bullet went towards his arm, I quickly turned him into air, but not quick enough, he managed to have a deep gash in his arm! He screamed out in pain. I gasped, quickly turning the rest of my group and I into air, we were all so weak. We quickly turned back, into the elevator, pushing the button, and flying back home. I put an air bubble around my group. And watched Kieran just lie inside it, grasping his arm. I felt a lump rise in my throat, I was the one who told them to fight. It was my fault! I felt a tear run down my cheek, but pressed onwards, seeing our space ship come into sight. We quickly landed in our spaceship, we crowded Kieran, observing his wound.

"Kim, do you know any herbs that could help it heal faster?" I asked.

"Uh, yeah I know just the thing, I'll go grow it now." She stuttered.

"I'll get the first aid kit." Dilshen said. I sighed. "How do you feel?" I asked.

"My arm stings, but if you hadn't of turned me to air, I would have had a bullet in my arm." He laughed.

"It's not funny, is it Haylee?"

"No, Kieran, you Might've died!" Haylee exclaimed.

"Here's the first aid kit." Dilshen said handing it to me.

"Thanks Dilshen, O.K Kieran, what we're going to do, is put whatever Kim has in store, on your wound, and then we'll wash it, and stitch it up." I smiled. "It isn't as bad as it sounds."

"Here." Kim puffed, handing me a liquid stuff. I rubbed it over his wound, with a damp cloth. He cringed a bit, but then fainted.

"KIERAN!!!" I yelled. "You've been unconscious for 2 hours!!" I sighed, as he woke up.

"Sorry" He said.

"Well, your wounds fine." I assured. "We'll go back to rescue Mr Woody, and transform him back tomorrow." I said. "But for now, lets get some sleep. I said, walking into the changing room, having a small shower, or in other words, a bucket, got into my P.J's and slept.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 11


"RIIIIIISE AAND SHIIIIINE GUUUUYS!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed waking everyone up.

"Ugh! What time it?" Dilshen asked.


"We need an early start!" I claimed.

Hey watch this you guys!" I called. "I've been practising this heaps, from 6:30!" I said as I sighed, walking into the wall, concentrating on becoming air-like. Arriving on the other side of the wall, giggling, and walking through the wall again.

"WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!" Kim exclaimed. "Congrats!"

"Anyway. That's probably how I went through that mountain the first time." I interrupted. "I've made breakfast. Creamed rice, and a Milo, ingredients kindly donated by Kim." I said motioning to Kim. She curtsied, and I continued "So, we are leaving for the mountain at. . .' I looked at my watch. "9:00AM at the LATEST!!! So come on guys!" I grinned "CHOP CHOP!"

"WHOOOOOSH WHOOOOOOOOSH!!!!" I was flying around my group waiting for them to finish.

"Show off!" Dilshen chuckled.

I poked my tongue out at him and continued swooping around them.


"Hurry up you slow pokes" I giggled zooming ahead of them, twisting and turning above the obstacles. After about two minutes, I landed on the bank of the lake, looking around trying to find something interesting. I found some pretty demented shells, obviously been drowned by radioactivity. I kept some of them in my pocket, I found them interesting. I was about to turn back to my group, to tell them that it was useless, when I remembered that we had to dive IN the lake, I smiled, and ran over to tell my group.


"Guys!!! We have to go IN the lake!" I exclaimed.

"OH!! Yeah I forgot that bit!" Dilshen replied.

"O.K! So Haylee can go under, but no one else can!" Kieran said.

I smiled, formed an air bubble around myself, flew up slowly above them, for affect, and, as fast as lightning, dived into the lake, disappearing from their view. I giggled from inside my bubble, gliding through the water, well, kind of.

"WOOOOOOHOOOO!" I screamed, rising up from the lake, and grinning at them.

"O.K, now we know that two people can go in the water. So . . . GO!." Dilshen exclaimed.

"O.K" Haylee replied.

I swam around next to Haylee, she looked weird swimming through the water, breathing completely fine, I sighed, swimming around in a different direction, after seeing a small flash of light fly down through the water. I glided through the water motioning for Haylee to follow, we swam into a small chamber/cave. Like the one we swam in with the gems, we then noticed, that it was filled with air, like the one before.

"So. Hey look!" I yelled. Pointing over to a little, kind of table, with A shining yellow gem in the middle.

"ITS A TOPAZ!!!!" Haylee exclaimed. Pointing to the gem in the middle of the concrete table.

"Yeah, that must of been what fell from the sky." Haylee agreed "Dilshen did it!" Haylee added.

"Deep deep down, by the bright star stone,A light must fall, from the unknown!!!" I yelled. " This is what was meant to happen!" I exclaimed. Reaching down towards the topaz, I touched it, and it sizzled, burning me.

"OUCH!" I screamed. Cringing. "That's hot!"

"Yeah, if it's from the sky, it's probably hot. Here" She said, creating a small water bubble around my burn, it instantly soothed.

"Thanks Haylee!" I said. "So, what should we do now?" I asked.

"What was the next part of the riddle?" Haylee asked.

"Um, it was, Yellow sparkles in the heart, each of the jewels must do their part."

"The yellow sparkles in the heart must be about the topaz in the middle." Haylee claimed.

"Yes, and each of the jewels must do their part, hmmm, maybe that means our jewels, like, all of our amulets do something." I finished.

"Yeah! Look! There's like little imprints of our amulets!" Haylee exclaimed.

"Pass me your amulet." I told Haylee. I reached out for the amulet, and tried to press it in. it clicked, and bounced back out again. I frowned, and tried the same with my amulet. It immediately clicked, and turned around, so that the curl was pointing towards the topaz.

"I think you have to put your own amulet in." I gasped.

"I'll try!" Haylee said, pressing her amulet in, it clicked, and turned too.

"Hmm. Each of the Jewels must do their part!" I gasped. "We need to get the rest of the guys in here!" I said. "So they can put their amulets in too! I have a feeling something exciting will happen when we do."

"O.K, sure, but how are we going to get them in?" She asked.

I giggled, forming an air bubble around her, and watching her float into the air.

"O.K then" She said "Show off." We swum back, informing our group of our findings, we then dove under the water, me having to try extra hard to keep my other three air bubble inflated. Once we had reached the cave we slowly put all the rest of the amulets in. I gasped, as the cave suddenly shook violently. I screamed.

"This is what happened, in the other cave!!!!!" I gasped. I ran towards the exit of the cave, when I noticed that the amulets were still there, I felt vain, not wanting to lose my powers. So I was about to grab the amulets, when they shook, and broke into five mini ones, I gasped, grabbed one of mine, and used my powers to lift all of them up, I sent them out of the cave, hoping they would end up on the shore, I smiled, knowing they would, and formed an air bubble around the rest of my worrying group.

"Ugh!" I yelled, drying out my hair. "Thanks for the warm water Haylee, I said, walking over to my bag, and grabbing a can of baked beans, and asking Kieran to heat it inside my air bubble, I yawned,and walked into our new 'changing room' slipping into my newly made P.J's. Kim grew some stuff that we could make clothes out of. I gasped, feeling so clean and warm.

"O.K Kim, I LOVE these Pyjama's!!!!!" I screamed. Looking down at my white P.J's, with beautiful pictures of hearts on them.

"O.K, so, um, why did our amulets turn into mini ones?" I asked.

"Well, I think, we all have one of the amulet colours each!" Dilshen said. "Maybe we're all meant to have all of the powers, like we all wear one, and have ultimate power!" He chuckled.

"O.K, Well go back there tomorrow!" I yawned, snuggling into my bed, pulling, my new pink blanket over my face, and resting my head on my pillow.

"This *Yawn* is the *Yawn* life."

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 10


I yawned. Smiled. And jumped up, flying into the air. I felt so free, like I could now go anywhere. I kinda could. I flew around my group for a while, and then decided to try and test my power more. To see what else my power was capable of. I looked at some of the inscriptions on the wall of the space ship, seeing s picture of a air bubble. I smiled, and focused on my drink bottle, slowly creating an air bubble around it, and carrying it in the air. I felt so energetic and powerful! I then thought of invisibility. No one can see air right? I though to myself, so I focused on my self, slowly making myself transparent. I giggled, waking up Haylee.

"Where's Maddi!!!" Haylee shouted, suddenly confused.

I chuckled, reappearing, Haylee jumped back, squealing. I giggled, and patted her on the back.

"Do you want to go and explore the caves?" I asked.
"Sure. But lets wake up the others first" She said.

After a breakfast of apple crumble. Which we ate thankfully (If your wondering how we got apple crumble, Kim grew the ingredients, I created an air bubble to cook it on, Haylee provided the water, and Kieran provided the heat!

"Lets go!" I yelled desperate to explore the caves, wanting to find another exciting thing.


After flying to the cave with inscriptions, we all looked around, trying to find something.

"Nothing here!" I yelled
"Neither" Kim exclaimed
"Look!!!" Dilshen yelled "This is an inscription of all our amulets together by the the curly things!! "
"Lets try and click them together here!" Kieran said.

I put my amulet inside the dent thast looked like mine, and it clicked in place.

"O.K, you guys put yours in." I ordered.

They clicked them all into place. . . . Nothing happened.

"O.K, uh, how about this?" I asked, and clicked it to the right, causing a long bemm of light to shot out from all of the gems, creating a riddle on the wall, this is what it read.

You must dive, to sapphires home,
Each of you must use your own.

Deep deep down, by the bright star stone,
A light must fall, from the unknown.

Yellow sparkles in the heart,
Each of the jewels must do their part.

From the crater, land will arise,
A place of anguish in disguise.

"I cant read that!" I yelled. "Hey. I had a dream last night and this should. . . ."

I lifted the ankh we found on day one, and held it up to the light, as it spelt,

You must dive, to sapphires home,
Each of you must use your own.

Deep deep down, by the bright star stone,
A light must fall, from the unknown.

Yellow sparkles in the heart,
Each of the jewels must do their part.

From the crater, land will arise,
A place of anguish in disguise.

I gulped, remembering the riddle, knowing we would need it some time.

"O.K, we'll all remember one part of the riddle. I'll remember the first bit, Dilshen remember the second, Kim remember the third, Haylee remember the fourth."

"Good idea!!" Dilshen complimented.

And with that, I removed the ankh, and took out our amulets one by one, handing them to the rest of my group.

We were all about to fly back to space ship when I realised that maybe Haylee or Kim could fly too.

"Haylee, I know you don't think you can fly, but just focus on flying, and you might some how fly. You too Kim!"

"O.K" They replied, I could tell they were focusing hard, but it didn't work so well. I bit my lip in thought, and remembered my air bubble. I clicked my fingers, and focused, creating an air bubble around them, and lifting up my arms causing them to rise. I chuckled. And rose with them.

"Well? What are we waiting for?" I asked speeding off in the direction of our 'lounge'.

Once we had gotten there, we sat down and tried to DE-riddle the riddle.

"O.K, so, lets focus on the first bit. They're kind of couplets. ou know two lines that rhyme, I read about it in 'a seires of unfortunate events'. So, I was meant to remember the first bit, um. . . It was, 'You must dive to sapphires hoome, each of you must use your own." I said grinning at my remembering skills.

"So, sapphire, um, ooh! Our gems?" I propose. "Who's got sapphire?" I asked.

"Me!" Haylee answered.

"So, your home? Uh, well, maybe we have to go to your actual house again. I can carry Haylee and Kim . . ."

"No. I don't think thats what it meant." Dilshen claimed. "Well, if your were kind of a 'godess' of water" I nudged Haylee and giggled."Then your home would be the water right? Maybe we need to travel to where we crashed?" he claimed.

"Maybe, but I had a dream about the southern cross two nights ago, and so far, everything I've dreamed has been, you know, kind of true, that's how I knew about the ankh, and to hold it up to translate the riddle into English. So, that will have something to do with it, what's with the southern cross that's so important?" I puzzled.

"Well, the southern cross has five stars making it up, it's kind of in the shape of a crucifix cross thing, with one star in the rightish middleish. The top one is called Gacrux, the right one is called, delta cru, the one right down the bottom is called Acrux, the one to the left is called Becrux, or Mimosa. . ."

"That sounds cooler!!" I interupted.

"And the litttle one in the middleish, is called, epsilon cru"

"Hey!" Dilshen interupted.I was just looking at the map right, if you turn it a bit, the three mountains, lake, and little island match up to the southern cross!" Dilshen finished.

"Yes!! So we must all have a special land mark thing! Where we belong!"

"I belong in the lake!" Haylee claimed.

"SAPPHIRES HOME!!!" Dilshen screamed.

"Yes!!" Kieran replied. "I think I belong here, where we are! Because I found my amulet in the furnace, which is fireish!"

"Yeah!! So where do I belong?" I asked.

"Well, probably that little island, because it's kind of floating away from us kind of like air." Kim claimed.

"O.K, So I think dilshen beongs at the biggest mountain, because I dreamt of him running up to it with his amulet." I claimed.

"Are you a physic or something?" Kieran asked.

"Dunno" I replied.

"So, that must mean Kim belongs at the medium mountain, down the bottom of the island."

"So, I'm Acrux" Kim said.

"I'm Mimosa" I grinned

"I'm Gacrux" Kieran smiled.

"I'm Epsilon Cru" Haylee giggled.

"And that must mean I'm delta cru!" Dilshen claimed.

"WOW!! It's alreday 10:00!! We better get some rest! We can go to the mountain tommorow!" I yelled, quickly getting ready to cook some spaghetti.

"O.K! So tommorow, we'll go to the lake and look around it!" I planned.

"But the riddle said we must DIVE to sapphires home, so doesn't that involve swimming in water?" Dilshen asked.

"Well, yeah, but Haylee's water so the mutantising, will not affect her." Kim claimed.

"And I could put an air bubble around myself, and go under." I grinned.

"Cool! So you two will come and get us if you find anything, right?" Kieran asked.

"Right." Haylee and I replied.

'But for now, lets get some rest." I insisted. "Goodnight everyone!"

Day 9

I woke up super early, determined to find my amulet, I shook awake my group. Jumped into a capsule, and flew off towards my amulet. Wherever it was.

We had flown around for a whole two hours, and couldn't find anything. I was about to turn around, thinking this was useless, when I saw an amulet, floating in front of me, I Grinned

"You guys!!! LOOK!!!!!" I screamed excitedly, excited to finally gain my 'power'. I took the diamond out of my pocket, and jumped up to grab the amulet.

"Yesssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I 'hissed'. Clicking the diamond into place Unfortunately, I didn't concentrate on where I was going, and as I looked up I realised I was heading straight towards one of the mountains!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed, and tightened my grip on my amulet, and closed my eyes tightly, getting ready to feel the crash . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"*gasp*" I gasped, I hadn't crashed!!! I looked again behind me, seeing the other side of the mountain. Smiling, the capsule had saved my life again!! I grinned, and swerved back to my group.

"MADDI!!!" Haylee yelled. "What happened? We saw you go kind of see through onto the mountain."

"I think the capsule saved me!! Look!" I grinned holding up my amulet.

"I wonder what you can control?" Kim asked.

"Well." Haylee started " I know that I can control water. While you guys were flying, I was being silly and wished that the lake was purple, and it was! I turned it back of course. But My gem is dark blue, and yours is light blue, so, I'm guessing, like, air, or flying." She finished.

'O..K" I said eagerly. And without thinking I jumped out of my capsule, watching it shatter to the ground, gasping, as I fell towards the ground. O.K Maddi, concentrate, aaaannnnd go! I thought to myself, and just as I was about to fall to the ground, I giggled, and sped up towards my group.

"So, I CAN FLY!!!!" I said speeding towards the space ship wanting to get a lot of rest for using my powers tomorrow

Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 8


3:00 PM

"Kieran! Dilshen! Kim! Haylee!" I gasped as they flew above me, seeming not even to notice me. I frowned and tried to fly with them, jumping like crazy, when suddenly a big gust of wind blew, I grinned, and lifted my arms up, causing the wind to blow upwards, like I was controlling it. I smiled, and flew towards them. Into the sunset.

"*Gasp* *Cough Cough* *Gasp*" I woke.

"MADDIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I heard my group yell. As they all hugged me, grinning, I swear I felt a tear drip from my eye. I grinned hugging them once more and realised Haylee was already awake. My memory started to drift back slowly. I shuddered, remembering my diamond pupils, and paleness. I shuddered again.

"O.K, I'm just gonna say it." Kieran said suddenly. " I can control fire."

"MHHPPHHH! Sure Kieran, just because I've been unconscience for day, doesn't mean you can start playing tricks on me!!" I argued.

"Uhhh, one, you've been unconscience for two days. Half a day , one whole day, and another half a day."

I gulped.

"And uhh, two, I can prove it." He seemed so sure of himself.

"O.K. go ahead" I said motioning him forward.

"O.K, my powers . . ."

"MPPPHHHPPHH!" I interrupted.

"Aren't so good, because I only discovered them yesterday." He said as he lifted his hands up, and as I watched I saw a medium sized ball of fire appear in his hands. He twisted it, and curved it until it was in the shape of an alien. I gasped.


"So, I guess you weren't lying." I gulped. I couldn't believe it! I mean, Kieran had just stood there, and used his hands to create fire, and it didn't even burn him at all!! I shivered, I wasn't sure if it was because I was cold, or if I was kind of scared. I looked over at Kieran grinning away at me, and I felt for sure that I was capable of fainting for another two or so days.

"So, do you want to hear what I can do?!" Kim asked.

"What!!!!!!! You can do something too!!" I asked.

"We all can!" She replied. "But we're not so sure about you yet."

"What!!!!!!! So you guys all have some super power except me??!!" I yelled.

"No. You might have one too!" Dilshen replied.

"So. One by one, tell me what you can 'do'" I ordered.

They all stood in a line, and it began.

"Well, I'm Kim, and I can control earth!" She grinned, and motioned her hands, for us to come outside, so I stood, and immediately fell over, I was still unsteady, so Dilshen and Kieran helped me out. I sat down and observed Kim motion her hands in a circular direction, and suddenly up grew a tree, growing apples. I stood wide eyed. Really wide eyed.

"O.K, but that's not all! Maddi, what's your favourite fruit?"

"Ohhh! I love this bit!" Kieran exclaimed.

"Well," I gulped "I guess apricots?" I said.

"O.K!" She grinned. "Those are quite tricky" She gulped. Poking her tongue out and motioning her hands towards the tree, suddenly a bunch of apricots, sprouted over the tree, I went to jump up and eat some, I was so hungry after not eating in two days, but I fell back over straight away.

"Don't worry, I'll get you one." Haylee offered.

"Thanks Haylee!" I said.

Biting into it intently after she had given it to me.

"O.K, so hi it's me Kieran, and yeah as you saw before, I can control fire." He grinned.

I gulped, rubbing my eyes.

"Sorry, just checking if I'm dreaming." I said sarcastically.

"Hi! I'm Dilshen! I can control space." He exclaimed.

"Like, stars, or like floor space?" I asked.

"This" he said, pointing up to the sky, and making the stars come into view, and dance. He grinned, and motioned for them to go back up into their original position. I gulped, and wondered ho w many times I was going to gulp today.

"Hi! I'm Haylee, and I'm not quite sure what I can control yet." She said "I think it's water." she guessed.

"Look." Dilshen said. "You know those gems, well, they all fit into one of our amulets, mine is the black Onyx, like the night sky, Kim's is an emerald, because it's green, like earth, or, nature, or whatever, Kieran's is a ruby, like red fireish, And the dark blue sapphire fits in Haylee's amulet she found the other day. The only gem left is the diamond. That's yours we think. We just need to find you an amulet."

"Let's go!!" I yelled. Limping up to the spaceship to get a capsule, "Well, I'll just start off" Kieran said

"Me too!" Dilshen said. I was about to ask what they were doing, when suddenly Kieran burst into flames, and shot up into the air, Dilshen did some random thing, I think had something to do with space, and rose into the air as well. I blinked and continued running towards the space ship.


"WOOOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!" I Screamed, feeling the breeze blow across my face, P.S, this wasn't because I was flying, it was because I had found out a way to open the top of the capsule.

"ZIIING!" Kieran yelled, Flying in a ball of flames, in twists and turns around me,

"KACHOW!!" Dilshen yelled, doing the same thing,

"Show offs!" I yelled grinning at them.

O.K, this is useless, we'll come back tomorrow" I announced.

"O.K" Haylee said, and we flew back.

When we got back, Haylee showed us the different things she could do with water, putting out Kieran's fires and turning salt water into fresh water.etc.

I felt kind of left out, as I rolled over not facing the rest of my powerful group, I had to smile as Dilshen made light-like stars dance above us. I sighed and fell asleep.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 7


Day 6

I woke, but something wasn't right. I stood up, and started walking around, my eyes were still closed. I think. I tried to look around, but everything was made of diamonds! I screamed.


'Maddi!!" Kim screamed. "What's wrong?!"

"I can't see!!" I exclaimed. Turnig around to face Kim. I think.

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I heard Kim scream.

"What?!" I demanded.

"Y-y-y-you're e-e-eyes!!! t-t-they're m-m-made out of d-d-diamonds!!!!????"

"What????!!" I screamed. Staring into the water, seeing my reflection. It was true!!!!! I was incredibly pale too!

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" I screamed "What about Haylee!?" I asked.

"W-w-w-why do you ask th-th-that ??!!" Kieran replied.

'I don't know! I had a dream that me and Haylee died! So yeah!" I shivered.

"Hayl-l-lee?"Kim asked.

"MMMMMMM YA?" Haylee replied turning around. I strained hard and realised that her pupils were also made of a rare jem. SAPPHIRES!!!???

"O.K!! Whats happening??!!" Haylee asked. "Woah!! Maddi your eyes!!!!"

"Yeah, you too!" I exclaimed. "I think it was those flowers!!" I claimed. "They looked kinda poisonous!! "

"RADIOACTIVITY!!!!!!!!" Dilshen claimed.

"Yes!!" Kieran agreed.

"But, I don't wanna be an alien!!! *puff puff puff* I *puff puff* Can't breath!!!"

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 5


I woke after having a terrible, terrible nightmare, the third, in four days. It was basically me and my group trapped, in our mountain, and there kept coming moments where, I was floating, staring up at the southern cross, then there was a few seconds when I was falling towards the ground, and then it started all over again. Anyway, where was I? Oh, right, I woke up.

I woke up sweating, and gasping, I quickly splashed a bit of water over my face, and decided I would take a short walk out and get some fresh air. I slipped on my jersey, and pushed the gold button, which immediately opened the door, I took the skeleton hand, so I could get back in. It was refreshing feeling the cold breeze creep across my face, inhaling the forest scent, I felt like it was christmas, thats what it smelt like, but it certainly, certainly, was not.

I heard a rustling from way down in the trees below me, not wanting to know what it was, I stepped backwards towards the ship, but then I looked closer, realising Marek and his group hadn't left yet. I was about to clamber back into the ship, when I noticed a little shelf like spot abouve the ship, I climbed up and sat in it, feeling calm. That's when I realised that it was more like a cave, I shuffled further back so I could lean against the back of the cave, noticing the beautiful view of the sun rising. Sighing. I looked down at my watch realising it was 5:30AM. Groaning, and crawling back down from my secret spot, promising myself I would come here again if I felt like it, I made my way back into our, ship.


After making a breakfast of half a high protein bar, and some water, we sat in a circle and discussed a group um, fly. We all had a shower, our home made one which was basically tipping a bucket ao warm water over us, in one of the secret caves. And then we all took one of the human capsules each.

"Wooooooohoooooo!!" I screamed as I dipped and dived, in my capsule.

"This rocks!!!!" Haylee yelled.

"I can fly!!!!!" Kieran yelled.

"The capsule can fly!" Kim yelled.

"Kim, you killed it! It's not funny any more!" Dilshen groaned.

We flew for a whole hour, coming across, strange creatures, obviously the ones Marek's group was talking about. I gasped at their ugly tentacles, and multiple eyes. I was glad that I wasn't like that! I was just about to speak into the capsule speaker ( Which is why we could all hear each other) when I spotted the lake, supposedly radioactive. "Guys look! There's the lake!" I said.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Halyee's screams interupted my 'tour'. As I saw her and her capsule plummeting towards the lake. THE RADIO ACTIVE LAKE! I gasped zooming down to try and help Haylee, when it hit me. These capsule would rotect us from turning into mutants! I let out a sigh of relif.

"Guys! She'll be O.k I think, the capsules are strong enough to protect her."

"You're right madz!" Haylee replied "I'm completeley fine!! Hey?! What's that?! It's like a. . .. crrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaakkkk"

"Haylee??!! We're losing you, Haylee!!??" I screamed.

I was about to start crying (seeing as Haylee was one of my best friends) when I heard a zzzzzzzzooooooooooommmmmmm. As Haylee's capsule flew back out of the water.

"Haylee!! Your O.K!!" Kim gasped.

We all flew back to the mountain repeating how worried we were and how glad we were that she was O.k. When we got back in the ship we all had pretty cheesy group hug.

"Oh Haylee! I was so worried!' I assured her.

"Yeah we were like, 'where's Haylee!!!'" Kieran said.

"So what happened down there!" Dilshen asked.

"Well, at first I panicked, I'm not so good at controling the capsules. So I screamed. But my speaker wasn't working, then I discovered that I forgot to turn it on again. I turned it on just as Madz said that the capsule would protect me, I agreed, and then I saw a little amulet like Dilshen's and Kieran's, except an anklet one, so I used hook above my capsule, and grabbed it and tried to bring it in my capsule, but I couldn't, it was stuck, so I went deeper, and it turned out as I got deeper, the signal crackled more, so I couldn't hear you, I wriggled it loose, and came back up. " Haylee finished.

"Wow!" Kim said. "I just noticed that all of your amulets have a different shape in the middle."

"I wanna find an amulet." Me and Kim moaned in unison.

"Lets go and try to find one for you guys!" Kieran proposed. I have a feeling these are more valuble than they seem!" He finished.

"O.k! Lets go!" Haylee yelled.

"Be careful!" I warned. As we flew out to find two more amulets.

I pressed the lever forward, and flew towards the rest of my group.

"Hey! Guys, maybe there's one over on that little island!" I claimed.

"I'll go see!!" Haylee said, flying towards it.

"Haylee!!! Be carefu. . . . ." I said as Haylee tumbled towards the sea.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!" Kim screamed.

We all flew down towards the beach, and got out of our capsules to start searching to see if we could spot Haylee.

"HAAAAAYYLEEEEEE!!!!" I screamed, looking into the depths of the ocean.

"Some one has to go and save her!!!" Kieran exclaimed.

"I will!" I said.

So with that, I strapped myself into my capsule, pushed the lever forward and dove into the ocean after Haylee.


I tumbled and turned suddenly, realising I was stuck in a whirlpool
I felt my mind spin, as I spun through the water. BOOOOMMPPPPHHFF!!
I suddenly banged against the bottom of the ocean floor, controlling my capsule towards a big cave like thing to my left. I have to admit it felt kind of peaceful gliding through the water in the capsule. I reached the cave and realised that it was one of those caves with no water in, kind of like and air bubble cave. I stepped out of my capsule, and heard a rather large bang from around the corner of the cave, I grabbed a stick and shivered towards the sound, and was about to 'strike', when I saw . . . HAYLEE!!!!!

"Haylee!" I screamed.

"Maddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!" Haylee screamed back.

I gave her a hug, and we walked towards our capsules. We were about to step in when we heard a huge bang, and the room shook.

"Haylee?! Look over there! " I exclaimed.

I had noticed an uncanny crack in the wall. I walked over to it.

"Look! This looks like it's been put there deliberatly!" I said as I rubbed my finger over it. Suddenly a little cubby hole appeared in front of me, I gasped and stepped back.

"Wow!!!" Haylee gasped.

There was a little clump of flowers, yellow with a green middle, and a purple stalk. Lying on top of the flowers was a brown box with strange carvings on it.

"Hey . . ." I said picking up the box.

The room suddenly shook, causing the door to slowly start shutting.

"Haylee!" I yelled. She nodded and sprinted with me towards the capsules, we jumped in them, me still grasping he strange box, and flew out of the cave in the nick of time.


" We *puff* found *puff* these." I said exhaustively, handing the box to Dilshen.

"Yes, this is weird." Kim exclaimed.

"Open *puff* it!" Haylee said.

"O.K" Kieran said obediently unlatching it, and staring into it with wonder.

"What *puff*" I demanded.

"There are 5 very valuable jewels in here!" Dilshen replied.

"Cool!*puff*" Haylee replied.

"We better get you back!" Kieran claimed. "You guys are looking pale!"

"O *puff* K " I replied.

And with that, we flew back home, and while the rest of my group ate, Haylee and I, went to sleep, I felt like I was about to spew up. Not a good end to a good day.

Day 4


I woke up later than usual, I noticed, while looking at my reflection, that I needed a shower, clean clothes, and maybe even a bit of lip gloss, or shampoo.And an urgent hairdresser! I chuckled, knowing that my appearance wasn't exactly the most important thing right now. Considering our, low supply of food, and warmth.

I walked over to my bag, picked out my secret strawberry flavoured lip balm, I had not told my teacher about (We were only allowed to bring ten items) and applied it. Using my hands to detangle my hair into a slightly more live-with-able hairstyle, if that makes sense. I then used the bottom of my top to wash my face, and sighed, smiling at the new reflection.

After waking up my group, eating some spaghetti, and kind of, cleaning the rest of our 'spaceship'. We sat and waited for Marek and his group to appear. We sat and talked about trying to fly this spaceship back home, and what we were going to do once we got there. I was about to talk about figuring out that weird storm, when we heard a large series of knock on our door. I pressed a the button to make the screens come out, and we all saw Marek and his group standing outside dragging their three backpacks. I opened the door, and we greeted Marek, Jordan, Asser, and Ben.

"How are you guys?" I asked.
"Alright" Jordan replied.
"So, yeah." Marek said.

I turned to my group and whispered.
"We need to get rid of them. We know they're O.k now , they'll want our supplies, and there's a lot more people if they join us."

"So . . . ." I started. "You know there's this other cabin over by the big mountain. It has basically the same as our spaceship except it's smaller, and there's only four of you. You could move there!" I tricked.

"Cool! O.K. Thanks!!" And with that, they walked off.

"I feel sooooooo bad." I cried.

"Don't worry, you had a point there!" Dilshen assured.


I jumped with fright as I heard one of the capsules start up. I turned around to see Kim flying unsteadily in one of them.

"KIIIIIIIM!" We yelled, as she flew out of the door, and into the 'unknown'.


We waited.

We waited.

We waited.

And after about 4 hours, Kim flew back into the spaceship, looking scared.

"Kim! What were you thinking??!!" I scolded.

"I wanted a turn on one of these. Now do you want me to tell you what I discovered or not?"

We nodded and listened.

"Well, I flew around and tried to fly out of the island, but I couldn't, kind of like a forcefield around the island, so I flew really low, and there was like a gap, in the forcefield, so I flew out, and the outside of the island was all, rotten and gross, like I can't explain it, there was no sun, stars, moon, anything. I panicked, and flew back in." Kim finished.

"So, theres like a forcefield around Matainui, protecting us from the pollution outside. Maybe it was put there bye these aliens?" Haylee queried.

"Yes!!" I yelled.

"So, the aliens are kind of good." Kieran claimed.

"Either that, or there are some good and some bad." Dilshen said.

"So, did we go forward in time?" I asked.

"Maybe." Kim replied "Maybe"


The day has gone so fast. I thought to myself. This island is more than it seems. We need to figure out the secrets of this island . I thought. As I closed my eyes and thought again, how fast the day had gone.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day Three.


I woke to silence, puzzled, Why would there be silence? The noise of the birds the day before, I thought for sure that I would have been able to hear it. I frowned, as I looked at my watch and realised that it was only just 1:05AM. I sighed. Feeling my eyelids flutter. When I heard a small vibration, and felt a small glow stretch across my face. I froze, and went across to wake up Kim. "Kim!!! Look!" I said. I pointed to the pinkish purplish glow, that seemed to be oozing out of the walls. "What is it?" Kim asked. "I don't know, we should ask the rest of the group!!" I exclaimed. "O.k" I agreed.

We woke up the rest of our group, and we walked over to the walls of our room we were staying in. I wiped away some of the crust, and it revealed a clear kind of glass, that seemed to be glowing. "Wow! You guys over here look!" I yelled.

"SSSHHHHH!!! People are trying to sleep!"

"Ha ha!" I sarcastically replied.

"Wow!" My group agreed.

After about 20 minutes, we had exposed all of our room, it was all glowing!!

4:00 AM

"WOW!!!! IT'S LIKE A SPACESHIP!!!" I exclaimed.

"But where are all of the 'control panels'?" Haylee asked.

"Try to find a button" Dilshen yelled.

we all searched around for ages, but couldn't find anything.

"Hey you guys over here!" Kieran yelled. "what's this?" He was standing next to the fire place. There seemed to be a small button at the back of it. "I'll push it!!"

"No!! Kim! Don..."

I was interrupted by the sudden shaking of the room. I looked around to see that the walls were sliding out to reveal . . . . . . . CONTROL PANELS!!!!!


I fainted.

10:00 AM

I woke to a cold icy feeling.

"UGHGH *cough* Who *cough* splashed water on me!!" I spluttered.

"Sorry, but you fainted!!!" Replied Haylee.

"O.k then." I replied.

I took another look at the "alien spaceship"

"So, we SHOULD live here!! We could like, learn how to control this and fly back home!"

"What will all of the other groups do?"

"We'll come back for them!!" I assured Kim.

So with that, we started pushing as many buttons as possible. When suddenly a chamber appeared out of the wall. I walked in to it, and saw five capsule-like machines. "Hey, look! This seems like a keyboard!" I yelled, "There's an imprint of some sort on this."

It was a long bony imprint of a hand. . . . . But something was wrong with the hand . . . IT ONLY HAD THREE FINGERS AND A THUMB!!

I scampered backwards bumping into Dilshen and causing everyone to fall over. "Look! There's an imprint of an alien hand!!" I screamed to my group.

"So THAT'S how we control this. We obviously can't control it with human hands, what about alien ones!!!"

"How will we get them??" Kim asked

"I don't know" Replied Haylee

"I do." I stuttered "But I don't like the sound of my idea."



"Don't moan, this was your idea!" Kieran repiled.

"Yeah, but why did Dilshen get to stay behind?" I cried.

"someone has to guard the ship." Kieran said.

" I don't exactly want to go back to that cave either." Haylee moaned

"Well, that's the only way we can find an alien hand!! You said that there were bones in there! So we can go in, and collect one to use on the control panel!" Kim Reasoned.

"I know, but EWWW. EWW. EWWW. EWWWWWWWW!!" I replied.

As we walked through the tunnel of doom, which is what it felt, and smelt like. I started to feel more and more . . . how would you say it. . . Wrong?

We reached the cave and we looked around for a full 12 minutes until we could find a decent hand, that had four fingers. We trekked back through the slimy,dark tunnel. With me EEEWWWing close behind. Once we had reached the space ship again we were about to turn to Dilshen when we realised that he was nowhere to be seen. We all started yelling out Dilshen's name, as you usually do when your searching for someone.

I walked over to the chamber we just found "Hey you guys! One of the capsules are missing!!" I gasped. It was then that I noticed that there was another long line of five capsules behind these ones, they were different from these ones, they had alien indents, for aliens to fit into, they were smaller, but still had the same four fingered hands. Wow! These are like, the perfect shape for me and Kim! They're tiny!" I grinned.

"No time to worry about that! Where's Dilshen??!!" Kim worried.

"Well, peice two and two together! Dilshen's missing, and so is one of the capsule thingys! Either he flew the capsule somewhere, or the aliens came back and flew away with him!"

'They couldn't have flewn away with him, because only one person can fit in those capsules, and even if there were aliens, wouldn't we have seen them coming through the tunnel?! This spaceship's obviously been abanoned by all aliens, or "cleared" of them." Haylee said. I gulped.

"O.k so we have to go out and look for Dilshen." Kieran said.

"I really can't be bothered going back through that tunnel, or climbing out that small window, this spaceship MUST have a door. I'm going to look for it."

" Sure, but hurry! Dilshen may be in danger" Kim urged.

We went around trying to find some sort of button with a door symbol or something. I grinned, as I laid eyes on two big gold buttons containing pictures of the outside of our spaceship.

"Hey guys! This must be it!" I yelled. Without thinking I pushed the left button, and the room rumbled, and shook, a small opening revealed itself and in flew in one of the capsules containing a grinning Dilshen.


"You guys wanna hear the good news first, or the bad news?"

"Good" I urged, wanting to hear the positives first, as always.

"O.k so, while you were gone, I discovered that there were actually two types of capsules, one that I could easily fit in it without a skeleton thing. The other ones are a bit smaller, have weird indents, and need to use a alien hand to control them, Kim and Maddi can fit in them, because they're a bit shorter than us."

"Cool!" Haylee yelled.

"And the bad news?" Kieran asked

"Well, Marek , you know one of our class mates?' He's walking towards our space ship." Dilshen informed us.


"Well, I think I know what to do" I grinned. Walking over to the gold buttons, and pointing to the right one. "This button must open the door, because the left one opened the roof."

"don't push it, look!" Kim yelled, I looked towards the door to see two screens sliding out of the wall. They were showing Marek knockinr rapidly on the door.

"Should we let him in??" I puzzled.

"Yes, we should, he could be the only other room eightennian left apart from us, lets let him in!" Kim reasoned.

"O.k," I chose.

I pressed the button, smiling when the door opened, knowing my hypothesis about the door was right.


Marek yelled.

"Hi Marek, how are you. O.k that's kind of a lome thing to say, but yeah." I fumbled.

" Have you seen anyone else on the island?" Dilshen asked.

"Yeah heaps of people, well, I wouldn't say people"

"what do you mean?" Haylee asked.

" The water in that lake, it's radio active, heaps of people have walked in it, and are like, mutants."

"you mean like aliens?" Kieran asked.

"Yeah some, some are like, man eating trees and stuff, we almost got eaten by one on the way here, there's also, like silver people flying around."

We stood wide mouthed staring at him.

"I wanna fly!!" I joked.

swarms of laughter escaped from my group, and Marek.

"So are you with anyone else??" Kim asked.

"Yeah, Jordan, Ben, Me, Asser, "

"Oh, I'm glad they're O.k too!" I said

"Yeah" Kieran agreed.

"So, do you need anything?" Haylee asked.

"No, we're fine. We've got like three bags anyway. "

"We're fine too." I said.

"Bye, I'll bring my group up here to see you tomorrow!"

"Marek wai . . ."

I was too late, he was already running down he mountain.

"I always thought he was weird." Dilshen said.

We all laughed at his joke and sat down to a dinner of baked beans, and warm water.

"So should we get some sleep now, for tommorrow?" I asked. Looking down at my watch "It's 10:00 PM" I said staring out into the night.

"Sure" My group said.

And with that,. I lay down and slept with a smile on my face, knowing that most of our class was still safe, maybe not human, but safe. I also smiled because of the technology we were privilaged with, and I was almost certain, that we were going to be alright.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day two!

Day two

7:00 AM

I woke to the annoying, deafening sound of the birds singing. The more I listened the more annoyingly beautiful it started to sound. I yawned, and crawled out of the tent, trying not to wake anyone. I planned to get some fire wood, light a fire, and boil some salt water, which I've heard purifies it. I still had 5 protein bars, but I plan to give my group some tinned fruit for breakfast, saving the protein bars for our hike towards the mountain.

I took out the metal pan I brought, and filled it with water, then I lit a match, after trekking around trying to find dry fire wood, and soon, there was a nice, warm fire burning. I took out three cans of peaches, and emptied the first aid kit to pour the water in. I took a sip of the hot water, shivered, and gazed towards the tent, deciding to let my group rest for at least another half an hour, I laid on my bag, and closed my eyes.


I woke up, sweating, gasping for air, after a nightmare, I dreamt that we walked to the mountain, and our group turned on each other. It was terrible. I turned around to see Haylee, and kieran sitting on the log I transferred as a seat in front of the fire. They half smiled at me, and then continued staring out to the sea. I winced, and felt my throat prickle, my stomach knot, and my eyes water, I hugged my knees, and whimpered.

"Come sit with us!" Haylee whispered. I dragged my feet towards the log, and sat between Haylee and Kieran. They tried to comfort me, but I just couldn't shake the feeling, that something bad was about to happen.

9:15 AM

"Why didn't you guys wake us? I feel bad that you were all waiting for us! You could've started eating!"

"Yeah! I feel bad too!"

Dilshen agreed with Kim.

I smiled and pulled out the fresh water and peaches, my group smiled back at me and we ate in silence. After washing our dishes in some more fresh water I boiled, we used the towel to dry the first aid kit, put all of the supplies back in it, and sat in our tent to plan the day.


I poured the left over peaches into one of the cans, and decided to carry them to the mountain incase anyone got hungry, it would also save the high protein bars. We were going to have 5 minutes each, carrying the bag. I was first off. I sighed looked back at th beach, making sure we hadn't left anything, and saw something shimmer in the sand. I gasped grasping my neck, I had almost lost my lucky charm necklace from my mum! I felt my eyes water again, grabbed my necklace and ran to catch up to the rest of the group.

Sticks, and twigs flicked at my face, I was leading the way, I had studied the maps for this island a lot, so I practically knew it inside out I took out some insect repellant, after swatting away the last mosquito I could handle and applied it, I offered it to my group and we continued walking. We reached the mountain after about 3 hours. We were all exhausted and collapsed at the bottom of the mountain, gasping for breath, we drank from our 4 litre water bottle. And I helped bandage up Kim's sprained ankle.

I trekked up half the mountain with the rope, tied it to a tree, and yelled down to the rest of my group. They used the rope to assist them in climbing up the mountain, and then me, being my clumsy self, tripped over a tree root. exposing a concrete block, that seemed to be "part" of the mountain. I gasped ripping away the rest of the foliage covering the rest of the concrete blocks, and gasped. WAS THE ENTIRE MOUNTAIN MAN MADE!!?? The whole mountain seemed to be made out of these 1.5 by 1.5 metre concrete blocks. I was starting to think that this mountain wasn't even a mountain. I WAS man made!

"It's not even a mountain!" I gasped.

"It's some sort of pyramid" Dilshen exclaimed.

We stood in silence. And after about 2 minutes, we started walking again. Breathing heavily, and pretty soo we could see the top of the mountain. I grinned, glad we were almost there, and Kieran ran towards the top of the mountain. I stopped hoping that there would still be a fresh water spring, even though this wasn't really a mountain any more. I was just about to sigh once more, when I saw Kieran fall downwards into a kind of hole, in the mountain.

I screamed


I ran towards the hole and gasped, it seemed as if there was a block deliberatly missing, it led down towards a sort of cave. Kieran chuckled, I put on my "serious face"

" That wasn't funny, I'm scared enough as it is!!! Get back up here!!!"

Kieran chuckled again, and I peered down into where he had fallen.

"Wow! It's some sort of cave! Lets investigate!

I'll go down ther . . ."

"No!" Dilshen interupted, "I'll go with Kieran!"

"O.k then !" I agreed. "But you need to bring your whistle Kieran. In case something happens. Blow it if anything goes wrong, then we'll know when to start really panicking!"

"Funny funny." Kieran replied.

I smiled poked out my tounge and continued.

So after we had tied the rope around their waists, and given Kieran the whistle, the slowly jumped down the step-like blocks.

"WAIT!!" I called. "Take this!" I said pulling out a torch from the survival kit. "It might come in handy!" I said sarcastically. I smiled at the guys, and watched, as they dissapeared into the darkness.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


We waited for at least half an hour. And then suddenly, we heard that ear peircing sound echoing through the caves.


I gasped. Haylee, and Kim did too. "I'll go to help them!!" Kim exclaimed. "No Kim! We need someone stronger to go down!" I replied. We agreed that I would go dow, so I gulped, and walked downwards, into the darkness, hopefully towards Dilshen and Kieran.

12:34 PM

"Diiiiilshen???? Kiiiieran!??" I yelled warily. I stepped into a small corridor, there were large rows of columns, along the edges of the passageway. There were strange engravings in the walls, and right at the end of the corridor was one of the largest engravings of all, a lagre eye, with a curl coming down from the corner of it. I gasped, and came to a fork in the corridor, I frowned, and called out again. "DIIIIILSHEN!!!!!!!!!!! KIIIEERAN!!!!!!!!!" "BBBBLLLLLLEEEEEPPPP!!" I gasped and ran towards the sound, "Keep whistling!!!!! I can hear you!!!" I yelled. "BBBBLLLLLEEEEEPPPP!!!!" I came to a stop at a dark room. I was about to step forward when i heard a loud, worried voice. "STOOOOP! Be careful! I'm down here, there is a long cliff, be careful!!!!" I looked down. Gasped, and stepped backwards. " I've got a rope! You can grab onto it, I'll try to pull you up!" I fumbled with the rope, then grasped an end, tied it to one of the strange collumns, and heaved. It took a lot of work, but after a while, Dilshen was standing beside me, sighing.

"Are you O.k?" Whats all that dust all over you?"

"I fell into a mummified body. I found this around it."

He lifted up a necklace with the same eye symbol as before, in the corridor.

"Hey! I saw that symbol in that corridor!! Mysterious."


"Where's Kieran?"

"He ran off. He wanted to split up. But I didn't he ran off with the torch."

" So he's abandoned us?!"

" I think he's coming back, if he can find his way."

" Hope he's alright"

"Yeah same"

We walked past the eye engraving, and I frowned, "Dilshen see if that amulet matches the engraving"

Dilshen held the amulet up to the engraving, and the room rumbled, and shook.

"Dilshen! What's happening???!!!!"

"We have to get out of here!!!"

We ran towards the exit, just as the stone locked in place. There was now no way in, and no way out.

2:34 PM

We gasped up to Haylee and Kim, without Kieran, we told them about our discoveries, without kieran then we told them about kieran, without kieran. Lastly we told them about the eye, and the rock closing the enterance.

"So have we lost Kieran . . . . . Forever?" Kim exclaimed

"Dun dun duuuuuuuun. Sorry I just had to add that!" I giggled.

"Sup guys"

I gasped and turned around to see kieran clambering over the other side of the mountain.

"Kieran!!?? Where'd you go? How'd you get back here?" I asked.

To be honest, I had soooo many questions, that I didn't really know where to start.

"Well, it's a long story. I don't really know where to start."

"How about at the beginning?!" I added.

"Good idea" He replied and we listened, not sure what we were about to hear.

"So, what happened was . . . . . . well, I ran off away from Dilshen becaus . . "

"You wanted to split up but he didn't yeah, continue." I interrupted.

"So, I continued on, to this big corridor, and I was walking along" Kieran said motioning skipping." When suddenly I fell in a large hole. I screamed, which you didn't really need to know, and then I realised that I had fallen on a large pile of bones. I felt a breeze and realised that there was a long tunnel ahead of me. I followed the tunnel and as I went on, the bones got more and more deformed and the heads got more and more cone shaped." I shivered at Kieran's story thinking about aliens and evil creatures, I shook off the thoughts and continued listening. "So I came to this room, it was dark and had a few more of those engravings. There was a huge basket, with a lever inside it, I pulled it, and the basket went up, into another room, there was a furnace in it, and old blacksmith gear, I also saw a big window looking out onto the island. I was about to climb out the window, to meet you guys, when I saw a necklace thing. See?" He held up a amulet identical to Dilshens one.

"Hey!! Dilshen found a necklace just like that!! After you abadoned him, he fell down into a hole, and crushed a dead mummified body under him. He found this."

I beckoned for Dilshen to hold up his amulet. "Maybe it means something. Mysterious." Said Haylee.

"It could be like a club thing. I wonder how many we can find?"

"I don't know, but Kieran, you said you climbed out a window right?"


"Was it leading to that room with the furnace?"

"Yes. Why do you need to know this?????"

"I think we should live/camp there. It's safe, warm, dry, right?"

"Yeah. It's got a fire too! We could use that for cooking!"

"Good idea, so it's safe, dry, and has got stuff that could help keep us alive!!!!!"

"Well, then, lets go! We've got to get there before anyone else finds it!!!!"
And with that, we walked off towards our new home. Fingers crossed.

4:00 AM

Warm peaches aren't the best lunch, but we were starving, and anything was good enough. As we chomped down the slimy orange food, gulping down the fresh water haylee and I ran up to collect, from the spring at the top of the mountain, I looked around at our new home grasping my necklace tightly, every now and then, clicking it open, staring at my family. Whimpering slightly. I stared down at my torn clothes, and whimpered more. I remembered my mum hugging me, kissing me on the for head, and giving me these clothes that she had brought especially for this occasion. I whimpered again.

"I was thinking," Kim interupted my thoughts, "That we could like, dig a hole in the roof or something, under the stream thing, and so the water drips down to us."

"We don't know what we would be digging into, there could be more bones, or amulets, or chambers blah blah blah." I said, I wasn't in the mood for social butterflying. I closed my eyes, and slowly drifted, drifted, to sleep.

7:00 PM


I woke up startled, half expecting it to be dark, but it turned out that it was still kind of sunny.

"You fell asleep."

"mmm Yeah I guess I YAWN did. Sorry guys what did I miss?"

"Well, nothing really, we just put down the communal blanket, we are about to go to sleep, don't worry though just go back to sleep, we are now aswell."

I yawned again, and drifted, drifted, drifted.