Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 4


I woke up later than usual, I noticed, while looking at my reflection, that I needed a shower, clean clothes, and maybe even a bit of lip gloss, or shampoo.And an urgent hairdresser! I chuckled, knowing that my appearance wasn't exactly the most important thing right now. Considering our, low supply of food, and warmth.

I walked over to my bag, picked out my secret strawberry flavoured lip balm, I had not told my teacher about (We were only allowed to bring ten items) and applied it. Using my hands to detangle my hair into a slightly more live-with-able hairstyle, if that makes sense. I then used the bottom of my top to wash my face, and sighed, smiling at the new reflection.

After waking up my group, eating some spaghetti, and kind of, cleaning the rest of our 'spaceship'. We sat and waited for Marek and his group to appear. We sat and talked about trying to fly this spaceship back home, and what we were going to do once we got there. I was about to talk about figuring out that weird storm, when we heard a large series of knock on our door. I pressed a the button to make the screens come out, and we all saw Marek and his group standing outside dragging their three backpacks. I opened the door, and we greeted Marek, Jordan, Asser, and Ben.

"How are you guys?" I asked.
"Alright" Jordan replied.
"So, yeah." Marek said.

I turned to my group and whispered.
"We need to get rid of them. We know they're O.k now , they'll want our supplies, and there's a lot more people if they join us."

"So . . . ." I started. "You know there's this other cabin over by the big mountain. It has basically the same as our spaceship except it's smaller, and there's only four of you. You could move there!" I tricked.

"Cool! O.K. Thanks!!" And with that, they walked off.

"I feel sooooooo bad." I cried.

"Don't worry, you had a point there!" Dilshen assured.


I jumped with fright as I heard one of the capsules start up. I turned around to see Kim flying unsteadily in one of them.

"KIIIIIIIM!" We yelled, as she flew out of the door, and into the 'unknown'.


We waited.

We waited.

We waited.

And after about 4 hours, Kim flew back into the spaceship, looking scared.

"Kim! What were you thinking??!!" I scolded.

"I wanted a turn on one of these. Now do you want me to tell you what I discovered or not?"

We nodded and listened.

"Well, I flew around and tried to fly out of the island, but I couldn't, kind of like a forcefield around the island, so I flew really low, and there was like a gap, in the forcefield, so I flew out, and the outside of the island was all, rotten and gross, like I can't explain it, there was no sun, stars, moon, anything. I panicked, and flew back in." Kim finished.

"So, theres like a forcefield around Matainui, protecting us from the pollution outside. Maybe it was put there bye these aliens?" Haylee queried.

"Yes!!" I yelled.

"So, the aliens are kind of good." Kieran claimed.

"Either that, or there are some good and some bad." Dilshen said.

"So, did we go forward in time?" I asked.

"Maybe." Kim replied "Maybe"


The day has gone so fast. I thought to myself. This island is more than it seems. We need to figure out the secrets of this island . I thought. As I closed my eyes and thought again, how fast the day had gone.

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