Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 8


3:00 PM

"Kieran! Dilshen! Kim! Haylee!" I gasped as they flew above me, seeming not even to notice me. I frowned and tried to fly with them, jumping like crazy, when suddenly a big gust of wind blew, I grinned, and lifted my arms up, causing the wind to blow upwards, like I was controlling it. I smiled, and flew towards them. Into the sunset.

"*Gasp* *Cough Cough* *Gasp*" I woke.

"MADDIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I heard my group yell. As they all hugged me, grinning, I swear I felt a tear drip from my eye. I grinned hugging them once more and realised Haylee was already awake. My memory started to drift back slowly. I shuddered, remembering my diamond pupils, and paleness. I shuddered again.

"O.K, I'm just gonna say it." Kieran said suddenly. " I can control fire."

"MHHPPHHH! Sure Kieran, just because I've been unconscience for day, doesn't mean you can start playing tricks on me!!" I argued.

"Uhhh, one, you've been unconscience for two days. Half a day , one whole day, and another half a day."

I gulped.

"And uhh, two, I can prove it." He seemed so sure of himself.

"O.K. go ahead" I said motioning him forward.

"O.K, my powers . . ."

"MPPPHHHPPHH!" I interrupted.

"Aren't so good, because I only discovered them yesterday." He said as he lifted his hands up, and as I watched I saw a medium sized ball of fire appear in his hands. He twisted it, and curved it until it was in the shape of an alien. I gasped.


"So, I guess you weren't lying." I gulped. I couldn't believe it! I mean, Kieran had just stood there, and used his hands to create fire, and it didn't even burn him at all!! I shivered, I wasn't sure if it was because I was cold, or if I was kind of scared. I looked over at Kieran grinning away at me, and I felt for sure that I was capable of fainting for another two or so days.

"So, do you want to hear what I can do?!" Kim asked.

"What!!!!!!! You can do something too!!" I asked.

"We all can!" She replied. "But we're not so sure about you yet."

"What!!!!!!! So you guys all have some super power except me??!!" I yelled.

"No. You might have one too!" Dilshen replied.

"So. One by one, tell me what you can 'do'" I ordered.

They all stood in a line, and it began.

"Well, I'm Kim, and I can control earth!" She grinned, and motioned her hands, for us to come outside, so I stood, and immediately fell over, I was still unsteady, so Dilshen and Kieran helped me out. I sat down and observed Kim motion her hands in a circular direction, and suddenly up grew a tree, growing apples. I stood wide eyed. Really wide eyed.

"O.K, but that's not all! Maddi, what's your favourite fruit?"

"Ohhh! I love this bit!" Kieran exclaimed.

"Well," I gulped "I guess apricots?" I said.

"O.K!" She grinned. "Those are quite tricky" She gulped. Poking her tongue out and motioning her hands towards the tree, suddenly a bunch of apricots, sprouted over the tree, I went to jump up and eat some, I was so hungry after not eating in two days, but I fell back over straight away.

"Don't worry, I'll get you one." Haylee offered.

"Thanks Haylee!" I said.

Biting into it intently after she had given it to me.

"O.K, so hi it's me Kieran, and yeah as you saw before, I can control fire." He grinned.

I gulped, rubbing my eyes.

"Sorry, just checking if I'm dreaming." I said sarcastically.

"Hi! I'm Dilshen! I can control space." He exclaimed.

"Like, stars, or like floor space?" I asked.

"This" he said, pointing up to the sky, and making the stars come into view, and dance. He grinned, and motioned for them to go back up into their original position. I gulped, and wondered ho w many times I was going to gulp today.

"Hi! I'm Haylee, and I'm not quite sure what I can control yet." She said "I think it's water." she guessed.

"Look." Dilshen said. "You know those gems, well, they all fit into one of our amulets, mine is the black Onyx, like the night sky, Kim's is an emerald, because it's green, like earth, or, nature, or whatever, Kieran's is a ruby, like red fireish, And the dark blue sapphire fits in Haylee's amulet she found the other day. The only gem left is the diamond. That's yours we think. We just need to find you an amulet."

"Let's go!!" I yelled. Limping up to the spaceship to get a capsule, "Well, I'll just start off" Kieran said

"Me too!" Dilshen said. I was about to ask what they were doing, when suddenly Kieran burst into flames, and shot up into the air, Dilshen did some random thing, I think had something to do with space, and rose into the air as well. I blinked and continued running towards the space ship.


"WOOOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!" I Screamed, feeling the breeze blow across my face, P.S, this wasn't because I was flying, it was because I had found out a way to open the top of the capsule.

"ZIIING!" Kieran yelled, Flying in a ball of flames, in twists and turns around me,

"KACHOW!!" Dilshen yelled, doing the same thing,

"Show offs!" I yelled grinning at them.

O.K, this is useless, we'll come back tomorrow" I announced.

"O.K" Haylee said, and we flew back.

When we got back, Haylee showed us the different things she could do with water, putting out Kieran's fires and turning salt water into fresh water.etc.

I felt kind of left out, as I rolled over not facing the rest of my powerful group, I had to smile as Dilshen made light-like stars dance above us. I sighed and fell asleep.

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