Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day Three.


I woke to silence, puzzled, Why would there be silence? The noise of the birds the day before, I thought for sure that I would have been able to hear it. I frowned, as I looked at my watch and realised that it was only just 1:05AM. I sighed. Feeling my eyelids flutter. When I heard a small vibration, and felt a small glow stretch across my face. I froze, and went across to wake up Kim. "Kim!!! Look!" I said. I pointed to the pinkish purplish glow, that seemed to be oozing out of the walls. "What is it?" Kim asked. "I don't know, we should ask the rest of the group!!" I exclaimed. "O.k" I agreed.

We woke up the rest of our group, and we walked over to the walls of our room we were staying in. I wiped away some of the crust, and it revealed a clear kind of glass, that seemed to be glowing. "Wow! You guys over here look!" I yelled.

"SSSHHHHH!!! People are trying to sleep!"

"Ha ha!" I sarcastically replied.

"Wow!" My group agreed.

After about 20 minutes, we had exposed all of our room, it was all glowing!!

4:00 AM

"WOW!!!! IT'S LIKE A SPACESHIP!!!" I exclaimed.

"But where are all of the 'control panels'?" Haylee asked.

"Try to find a button" Dilshen yelled.

we all searched around for ages, but couldn't find anything.

"Hey you guys over here!" Kieran yelled. "what's this?" He was standing next to the fire place. There seemed to be a small button at the back of it. "I'll push it!!"

"No!! Kim! Don..."

I was interrupted by the sudden shaking of the room. I looked around to see that the walls were sliding out to reveal . . . . . . . CONTROL PANELS!!!!!


I fainted.

10:00 AM

I woke to a cold icy feeling.

"UGHGH *cough* Who *cough* splashed water on me!!" I spluttered.

"Sorry, but you fainted!!!" Replied Haylee.

"O.k then." I replied.

I took another look at the "alien spaceship"

"So, we SHOULD live here!! We could like, learn how to control this and fly back home!"

"What will all of the other groups do?"

"We'll come back for them!!" I assured Kim.

So with that, we started pushing as many buttons as possible. When suddenly a chamber appeared out of the wall. I walked in to it, and saw five capsule-like machines. "Hey, look! This seems like a keyboard!" I yelled, "There's an imprint of some sort on this."

It was a long bony imprint of a hand. . . . . But something was wrong with the hand . . . IT ONLY HAD THREE FINGERS AND A THUMB!!

I scampered backwards bumping into Dilshen and causing everyone to fall over. "Look! There's an imprint of an alien hand!!" I screamed to my group.

"So THAT'S how we control this. We obviously can't control it with human hands, what about alien ones!!!"

"How will we get them??" Kim asked

"I don't know" Replied Haylee

"I do." I stuttered "But I don't like the sound of my idea."



"Don't moan, this was your idea!" Kieran repiled.

"Yeah, but why did Dilshen get to stay behind?" I cried.

"someone has to guard the ship." Kieran said.

" I don't exactly want to go back to that cave either." Haylee moaned

"Well, that's the only way we can find an alien hand!! You said that there were bones in there! So we can go in, and collect one to use on the control panel!" Kim Reasoned.

"I know, but EWWW. EWW. EWWW. EWWWWWWWW!!" I replied.

As we walked through the tunnel of doom, which is what it felt, and smelt like. I started to feel more and more . . . how would you say it. . . Wrong?

We reached the cave and we looked around for a full 12 minutes until we could find a decent hand, that had four fingers. We trekked back through the slimy,dark tunnel. With me EEEWWWing close behind. Once we had reached the space ship again we were about to turn to Dilshen when we realised that he was nowhere to be seen. We all started yelling out Dilshen's name, as you usually do when your searching for someone.

I walked over to the chamber we just found "Hey you guys! One of the capsules are missing!!" I gasped. It was then that I noticed that there was another long line of five capsules behind these ones, they were different from these ones, they had alien indents, for aliens to fit into, they were smaller, but still had the same four fingered hands. Wow! These are like, the perfect shape for me and Kim! They're tiny!" I grinned.

"No time to worry about that! Where's Dilshen??!!" Kim worried.

"Well, peice two and two together! Dilshen's missing, and so is one of the capsule thingys! Either he flew the capsule somewhere, or the aliens came back and flew away with him!"

'They couldn't have flewn away with him, because only one person can fit in those capsules, and even if there were aliens, wouldn't we have seen them coming through the tunnel?! This spaceship's obviously been abanoned by all aliens, or "cleared" of them." Haylee said. I gulped.

"O.k so we have to go out and look for Dilshen." Kieran said.

"I really can't be bothered going back through that tunnel, or climbing out that small window, this spaceship MUST have a door. I'm going to look for it."

" Sure, but hurry! Dilshen may be in danger" Kim urged.

We went around trying to find some sort of button with a door symbol or something. I grinned, as I laid eyes on two big gold buttons containing pictures of the outside of our spaceship.

"Hey guys! This must be it!" I yelled. Without thinking I pushed the left button, and the room rumbled, and shook, a small opening revealed itself and in flew in one of the capsules containing a grinning Dilshen.


"You guys wanna hear the good news first, or the bad news?"

"Good" I urged, wanting to hear the positives first, as always.

"O.k so, while you were gone, I discovered that there were actually two types of capsules, one that I could easily fit in it without a skeleton thing. The other ones are a bit smaller, have weird indents, and need to use a alien hand to control them, Kim and Maddi can fit in them, because they're a bit shorter than us."

"Cool!" Haylee yelled.

"And the bad news?" Kieran asked

"Well, Marek , you know one of our class mates?' He's walking towards our space ship." Dilshen informed us.


"Well, I think I know what to do" I grinned. Walking over to the gold buttons, and pointing to the right one. "This button must open the door, because the left one opened the roof."

"don't push it, look!" Kim yelled, I looked towards the door to see two screens sliding out of the wall. They were showing Marek knockinr rapidly on the door.

"Should we let him in??" I puzzled.

"Yes, we should, he could be the only other room eightennian left apart from us, lets let him in!" Kim reasoned.

"O.k," I chose.

I pressed the button, smiling when the door opened, knowing my hypothesis about the door was right.


Marek yelled.

"Hi Marek, how are you. O.k that's kind of a lome thing to say, but yeah." I fumbled.

" Have you seen anyone else on the island?" Dilshen asked.

"Yeah heaps of people, well, I wouldn't say people"

"what do you mean?" Haylee asked.

" The water in that lake, it's radio active, heaps of people have walked in it, and are like, mutants."

"you mean like aliens?" Kieran asked.

"Yeah some, some are like, man eating trees and stuff, we almost got eaten by one on the way here, there's also, like silver people flying around."

We stood wide mouthed staring at him.

"I wanna fly!!" I joked.

swarms of laughter escaped from my group, and Marek.

"So are you with anyone else??" Kim asked.

"Yeah, Jordan, Ben, Me, Asser, "

"Oh, I'm glad they're O.k too!" I said

"Yeah" Kieran agreed.

"So, do you need anything?" Haylee asked.

"No, we're fine. We've got like three bags anyway. "

"We're fine too." I said.

"Bye, I'll bring my group up here to see you tomorrow!"

"Marek wai . . ."

I was too late, he was already running down he mountain.

"I always thought he was weird." Dilshen said.

We all laughed at his joke and sat down to a dinner of baked beans, and warm water.

"So should we get some sleep now, for tommorrow?" I asked. Looking down at my watch "It's 10:00 PM" I said staring out into the night.

"Sure" My group said.

And with that,. I lay down and slept with a smile on my face, knowing that most of our class was still safe, maybe not human, but safe. I also smiled because of the technology we were privilaged with, and I was almost certain, that we were going to be alright.

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