Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 5


I woke after having a terrible, terrible nightmare, the third, in four days. It was basically me and my group trapped, in our mountain, and there kept coming moments where, I was floating, staring up at the southern cross, then there was a few seconds when I was falling towards the ground, and then it started all over again. Anyway, where was I? Oh, right, I woke up.

I woke up sweating, and gasping, I quickly splashed a bit of water over my face, and decided I would take a short walk out and get some fresh air. I slipped on my jersey, and pushed the gold button, which immediately opened the door, I took the skeleton hand, so I could get back in. It was refreshing feeling the cold breeze creep across my face, inhaling the forest scent, I felt like it was christmas, thats what it smelt like, but it certainly, certainly, was not.

I heard a rustling from way down in the trees below me, not wanting to know what it was, I stepped backwards towards the ship, but then I looked closer, realising Marek and his group hadn't left yet. I was about to clamber back into the ship, when I noticed a little shelf like spot abouve the ship, I climbed up and sat in it, feeling calm. That's when I realised that it was more like a cave, I shuffled further back so I could lean against the back of the cave, noticing the beautiful view of the sun rising. Sighing. I looked down at my watch realising it was 5:30AM. Groaning, and crawling back down from my secret spot, promising myself I would come here again if I felt like it, I made my way back into our, ship.


After making a breakfast of half a high protein bar, and some water, we sat in a circle and discussed a group um, fly. We all had a shower, our home made one which was basically tipping a bucket ao warm water over us, in one of the secret caves. And then we all took one of the human capsules each.

"Wooooooohoooooo!!" I screamed as I dipped and dived, in my capsule.

"This rocks!!!!" Haylee yelled.

"I can fly!!!!!" Kieran yelled.

"The capsule can fly!" Kim yelled.

"Kim, you killed it! It's not funny any more!" Dilshen groaned.

We flew for a whole hour, coming across, strange creatures, obviously the ones Marek's group was talking about. I gasped at their ugly tentacles, and multiple eyes. I was glad that I wasn't like that! I was just about to speak into the capsule speaker ( Which is why we could all hear each other) when I spotted the lake, supposedly radioactive. "Guys look! There's the lake!" I said.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Halyee's screams interupted my 'tour'. As I saw her and her capsule plummeting towards the lake. THE RADIO ACTIVE LAKE! I gasped zooming down to try and help Haylee, when it hit me. These capsule would rotect us from turning into mutants! I let out a sigh of relif.

"Guys! She'll be O.k I think, the capsules are strong enough to protect her."

"You're right madz!" Haylee replied "I'm completeley fine!! Hey?! What's that?! It's like a. . .. crrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaakkkk"

"Haylee??!! We're losing you, Haylee!!??" I screamed.

I was about to start crying (seeing as Haylee was one of my best friends) when I heard a zzzzzzzzooooooooooommmmmmm. As Haylee's capsule flew back out of the water.

"Haylee!! Your O.K!!" Kim gasped.

We all flew back to the mountain repeating how worried we were and how glad we were that she was O.k. When we got back in the ship we all had pretty cheesy group hug.

"Oh Haylee! I was so worried!' I assured her.

"Yeah we were like, 'where's Haylee!!!'" Kieran said.

"So what happened down there!" Dilshen asked.

"Well, at first I panicked, I'm not so good at controling the capsules. So I screamed. But my speaker wasn't working, then I discovered that I forgot to turn it on again. I turned it on just as Madz said that the capsule would protect me, I agreed, and then I saw a little amulet like Dilshen's and Kieran's, except an anklet one, so I used hook above my capsule, and grabbed it and tried to bring it in my capsule, but I couldn't, it was stuck, so I went deeper, and it turned out as I got deeper, the signal crackled more, so I couldn't hear you, I wriggled it loose, and came back up. " Haylee finished.

"Wow!" Kim said. "I just noticed that all of your amulets have a different shape in the middle."

"I wanna find an amulet." Me and Kim moaned in unison.

"Lets go and try to find one for you guys!" Kieran proposed. I have a feeling these are more valuble than they seem!" He finished.

"O.k! Lets go!" Haylee yelled.

"Be careful!" I warned. As we flew out to find two more amulets.

I pressed the lever forward, and flew towards the rest of my group.

"Hey! Guys, maybe there's one over on that little island!" I claimed.

"I'll go see!!" Haylee said, flying towards it.

"Haylee!!! Be carefu. . . . ." I said as Haylee tumbled towards the sea.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!" Kim screamed.

We all flew down towards the beach, and got out of our capsules to start searching to see if we could spot Haylee.

"HAAAAAYYLEEEEEE!!!!" I screamed, looking into the depths of the ocean.

"Some one has to go and save her!!!" Kieran exclaimed.

"I will!" I said.

So with that, I strapped myself into my capsule, pushed the lever forward and dove into the ocean after Haylee.


I tumbled and turned suddenly, realising I was stuck in a whirlpool
I felt my mind spin, as I spun through the water. BOOOOMMPPPPHHFF!!
I suddenly banged against the bottom of the ocean floor, controlling my capsule towards a big cave like thing to my left. I have to admit it felt kind of peaceful gliding through the water in the capsule. I reached the cave and realised that it was one of those caves with no water in, kind of like and air bubble cave. I stepped out of my capsule, and heard a rather large bang from around the corner of the cave, I grabbed a stick and shivered towards the sound, and was about to 'strike', when I saw . . . HAYLEE!!!!!

"Haylee!" I screamed.

"Maddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!" Haylee screamed back.

I gave her a hug, and we walked towards our capsules. We were about to step in when we heard a huge bang, and the room shook.

"Haylee?! Look over there! " I exclaimed.

I had noticed an uncanny crack in the wall. I walked over to it.

"Look! This looks like it's been put there deliberatly!" I said as I rubbed my finger over it. Suddenly a little cubby hole appeared in front of me, I gasped and stepped back.

"Wow!!!" Haylee gasped.

There was a little clump of flowers, yellow with a green middle, and a purple stalk. Lying on top of the flowers was a brown box with strange carvings on it.

"Hey . . ." I said picking up the box.

The room suddenly shook, causing the door to slowly start shutting.

"Haylee!" I yelled. She nodded and sprinted with me towards the capsules, we jumped in them, me still grasping he strange box, and flew out of the cave in the nick of time.


" We *puff* found *puff* these." I said exhaustively, handing the box to Dilshen.

"Yes, this is weird." Kim exclaimed.

"Open *puff* it!" Haylee said.

"O.K" Kieran said obediently unlatching it, and staring into it with wonder.

"What *puff*" I demanded.

"There are 5 very valuable jewels in here!" Dilshen replied.

"Cool!*puff*" Haylee replied.

"We better get you back!" Kieran claimed. "You guys are looking pale!"

"O *puff* K " I replied.

And with that, we flew back home, and while the rest of my group ate, Haylee and I, went to sleep, I felt like I was about to spew up. Not a good end to a good day.

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