Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 10


I yawned. Smiled. And jumped up, flying into the air. I felt so free, like I could now go anywhere. I kinda could. I flew around my group for a while, and then decided to try and test my power more. To see what else my power was capable of. I looked at some of the inscriptions on the wall of the space ship, seeing s picture of a air bubble. I smiled, and focused on my drink bottle, slowly creating an air bubble around it, and carrying it in the air. I felt so energetic and powerful! I then thought of invisibility. No one can see air right? I though to myself, so I focused on my self, slowly making myself transparent. I giggled, waking up Haylee.

"Where's Maddi!!!" Haylee shouted, suddenly confused.

I chuckled, reappearing, Haylee jumped back, squealing. I giggled, and patted her on the back.

"Do you want to go and explore the caves?" I asked.
"Sure. But lets wake up the others first" She said.

After a breakfast of apple crumble. Which we ate thankfully (If your wondering how we got apple crumble, Kim grew the ingredients, I created an air bubble to cook it on, Haylee provided the water, and Kieran provided the heat!

"Lets go!" I yelled desperate to explore the caves, wanting to find another exciting thing.


After flying to the cave with inscriptions, we all looked around, trying to find something.

"Nothing here!" I yelled
"Neither" Kim exclaimed
"Look!!!" Dilshen yelled "This is an inscription of all our amulets together by the the curly things!! "
"Lets try and click them together here!" Kieran said.

I put my amulet inside the dent thast looked like mine, and it clicked in place.

"O.K, you guys put yours in." I ordered.

They clicked them all into place. . . . Nothing happened.

"O.K, uh, how about this?" I asked, and clicked it to the right, causing a long bemm of light to shot out from all of the gems, creating a riddle on the wall, this is what it read.

You must dive, to sapphires home,
Each of you must use your own.

Deep deep down, by the bright star stone,
A light must fall, from the unknown.

Yellow sparkles in the heart,
Each of the jewels must do their part.

From the crater, land will arise,
A place of anguish in disguise.

"I cant read that!" I yelled. "Hey. I had a dream last night and this should. . . ."

I lifted the ankh we found on day one, and held it up to the light, as it spelt,

You must dive, to sapphires home,
Each of you must use your own.

Deep deep down, by the bright star stone,
A light must fall, from the unknown.

Yellow sparkles in the heart,
Each of the jewels must do their part.

From the crater, land will arise,
A place of anguish in disguise.

I gulped, remembering the riddle, knowing we would need it some time.

"O.K, we'll all remember one part of the riddle. I'll remember the first bit, Dilshen remember the second, Kim remember the third, Haylee remember the fourth."

"Good idea!!" Dilshen complimented.

And with that, I removed the ankh, and took out our amulets one by one, handing them to the rest of my group.

We were all about to fly back to space ship when I realised that maybe Haylee or Kim could fly too.

"Haylee, I know you don't think you can fly, but just focus on flying, and you might some how fly. You too Kim!"

"O.K" They replied, I could tell they were focusing hard, but it didn't work so well. I bit my lip in thought, and remembered my air bubble. I clicked my fingers, and focused, creating an air bubble around them, and lifting up my arms causing them to rise. I chuckled. And rose with them.

"Well? What are we waiting for?" I asked speeding off in the direction of our 'lounge'.

Once we had gotten there, we sat down and tried to DE-riddle the riddle.

"O.K, so, lets focus on the first bit. They're kind of couplets. ou know two lines that rhyme, I read about it in 'a seires of unfortunate events'. So, I was meant to remember the first bit, um. . . It was, 'You must dive to sapphires hoome, each of you must use your own." I said grinning at my remembering skills.

"So, sapphire, um, ooh! Our gems?" I propose. "Who's got sapphire?" I asked.

"Me!" Haylee answered.

"So, your home? Uh, well, maybe we have to go to your actual house again. I can carry Haylee and Kim . . ."

"No. I don't think thats what it meant." Dilshen claimed. "Well, if your were kind of a 'godess' of water" I nudged Haylee and giggled."Then your home would be the water right? Maybe we need to travel to where we crashed?" he claimed.

"Maybe, but I had a dream about the southern cross two nights ago, and so far, everything I've dreamed has been, you know, kind of true, that's how I knew about the ankh, and to hold it up to translate the riddle into English. So, that will have something to do with it, what's with the southern cross that's so important?" I puzzled.

"Well, the southern cross has five stars making it up, it's kind of in the shape of a crucifix cross thing, with one star in the rightish middleish. The top one is called Gacrux, the right one is called, delta cru, the one right down the bottom is called Acrux, the one to the left is called Becrux, or Mimosa. . ."

"That sounds cooler!!" I interupted.

"And the litttle one in the middleish, is called, epsilon cru"

"Hey!" Dilshen interupted.I was just looking at the map right, if you turn it a bit, the three mountains, lake, and little island match up to the southern cross!" Dilshen finished.

"Yes!! So we must all have a special land mark thing! Where we belong!"

"I belong in the lake!" Haylee claimed.

"SAPPHIRES HOME!!!" Dilshen screamed.

"Yes!!" Kieran replied. "I think I belong here, where we are! Because I found my amulet in the furnace, which is fireish!"

"Yeah!! So where do I belong?" I asked.

"Well, probably that little island, because it's kind of floating away from us kind of like air." Kim claimed.

"O.K, So I think dilshen beongs at the biggest mountain, because I dreamt of him running up to it with his amulet." I claimed.

"Are you a physic or something?" Kieran asked.

"Dunno" I replied.

"So, that must mean Kim belongs at the medium mountain, down the bottom of the island."

"So, I'm Acrux" Kim said.

"I'm Mimosa" I grinned

"I'm Gacrux" Kieran smiled.

"I'm Epsilon Cru" Haylee giggled.

"And that must mean I'm delta cru!" Dilshen claimed.

"WOW!! It's alreday 10:00!! We better get some rest! We can go to the mountain tommorow!" I yelled, quickly getting ready to cook some spaghetti.

"O.K! So tommorow, we'll go to the lake and look around it!" I planned.

"But the riddle said we must DIVE to sapphires home, so doesn't that involve swimming in water?" Dilshen asked.

"Well, yeah, but Haylee's water so the mutantising, will not affect her." Kim claimed.

"And I could put an air bubble around myself, and go under." I grinned.

"Cool! So you two will come and get us if you find anything, right?" Kieran asked.

"Right." Haylee and I replied.

'But for now, lets get some rest." I insisted. "Goodnight everyone!"

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