Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 11


"RIIIIIISE AAND SHIIIIINE GUUUUYS!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed waking everyone up.

"Ugh! What time it?" Dilshen asked.


"We need an early start!" I claimed.

Hey watch this you guys!" I called. "I've been practising this heaps, from 6:30!" I said as I sighed, walking into the wall, concentrating on becoming air-like. Arriving on the other side of the wall, giggling, and walking through the wall again.

"WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!" Kim exclaimed. "Congrats!"

"Anyway. That's probably how I went through that mountain the first time." I interrupted. "I've made breakfast. Creamed rice, and a Milo, ingredients kindly donated by Kim." I said motioning to Kim. She curtsied, and I continued "So, we are leaving for the mountain at. . .' I looked at my watch. "9:00AM at the LATEST!!! So come on guys!" I grinned "CHOP CHOP!"

"WHOOOOOSH WHOOOOOOOOSH!!!!" I was flying around my group waiting for them to finish.

"Show off!" Dilshen chuckled.

I poked my tongue out at him and continued swooping around them.


"Hurry up you slow pokes" I giggled zooming ahead of them, twisting and turning above the obstacles. After about two minutes, I landed on the bank of the lake, looking around trying to find something interesting. I found some pretty demented shells, obviously been drowned by radioactivity. I kept some of them in my pocket, I found them interesting. I was about to turn back to my group, to tell them that it was useless, when I remembered that we had to dive IN the lake, I smiled, and ran over to tell my group.


"Guys!!! We have to go IN the lake!" I exclaimed.

"OH!! Yeah I forgot that bit!" Dilshen replied.

"O.K! So Haylee can go under, but no one else can!" Kieran said.

I smiled, formed an air bubble around myself, flew up slowly above them, for affect, and, as fast as lightning, dived into the lake, disappearing from their view. I giggled from inside my bubble, gliding through the water, well, kind of.

"WOOOOOOHOOOO!" I screamed, rising up from the lake, and grinning at them.

"O.K, now we know that two people can go in the water. So . . . GO!." Dilshen exclaimed.

"O.K" Haylee replied.

I swam around next to Haylee, she looked weird swimming through the water, breathing completely fine, I sighed, swimming around in a different direction, after seeing a small flash of light fly down through the water. I glided through the water motioning for Haylee to follow, we swam into a small chamber/cave. Like the one we swam in with the gems, we then noticed, that it was filled with air, like the one before.

"So. Hey look!" I yelled. Pointing over to a little, kind of table, with A shining yellow gem in the middle.

"ITS A TOPAZ!!!!" Haylee exclaimed. Pointing to the gem in the middle of the concrete table.

"Yeah, that must of been what fell from the sky." Haylee agreed "Dilshen did it!" Haylee added.

"Deep deep down, by the bright star stone,A light must fall, from the unknown!!!" I yelled. " This is what was meant to happen!" I exclaimed. Reaching down towards the topaz, I touched it, and it sizzled, burning me.

"OUCH!" I screamed. Cringing. "That's hot!"

"Yeah, if it's from the sky, it's probably hot. Here" She said, creating a small water bubble around my burn, it instantly soothed.

"Thanks Haylee!" I said. "So, what should we do now?" I asked.

"What was the next part of the riddle?" Haylee asked.

"Um, it was, Yellow sparkles in the heart, each of the jewels must do their part."

"The yellow sparkles in the heart must be about the topaz in the middle." Haylee claimed.

"Yes, and each of the jewels must do their part, hmmm, maybe that means our jewels, like, all of our amulets do something." I finished.

"Yeah! Look! There's like little imprints of our amulets!" Haylee exclaimed.

"Pass me your amulet." I told Haylee. I reached out for the amulet, and tried to press it in. it clicked, and bounced back out again. I frowned, and tried the same with my amulet. It immediately clicked, and turned around, so that the curl was pointing towards the topaz.

"I think you have to put your own amulet in." I gasped.

"I'll try!" Haylee said, pressing her amulet in, it clicked, and turned too.

"Hmm. Each of the Jewels must do their part!" I gasped. "We need to get the rest of the guys in here!" I said. "So they can put their amulets in too! I have a feeling something exciting will happen when we do."

"O.K, sure, but how are we going to get them in?" She asked.

I giggled, forming an air bubble around her, and watching her float into the air.

"O.K then" She said "Show off." We swum back, informing our group of our findings, we then dove under the water, me having to try extra hard to keep my other three air bubble inflated. Once we had reached the cave we slowly put all the rest of the amulets in. I gasped, as the cave suddenly shook violently. I screamed.

"This is what happened, in the other cave!!!!!" I gasped. I ran towards the exit of the cave, when I noticed that the amulets were still there, I felt vain, not wanting to lose my powers. So I was about to grab the amulets, when they shook, and broke into five mini ones, I gasped, grabbed one of mine, and used my powers to lift all of them up, I sent them out of the cave, hoping they would end up on the shore, I smiled, knowing they would, and formed an air bubble around the rest of my worrying group.

"Ugh!" I yelled, drying out my hair. "Thanks for the warm water Haylee, I said, walking over to my bag, and grabbing a can of baked beans, and asking Kieran to heat it inside my air bubble, I yawned,and walked into our new 'changing room' slipping into my newly made P.J's. Kim grew some stuff that we could make clothes out of. I gasped, feeling so clean and warm.

"O.K Kim, I LOVE these Pyjama's!!!!!" I screamed. Looking down at my white P.J's, with beautiful pictures of hearts on them.

"O.K, so, um, why did our amulets turn into mini ones?" I asked.

"Well, I think, we all have one of the amulet colours each!" Dilshen said. "Maybe we're all meant to have all of the powers, like we all wear one, and have ultimate power!" He chuckled.

"O.K, Well go back there tomorrow!" I yawned, snuggling into my bed, pulling, my new pink blanket over my face, and resting my head on my pillow.

"This *Yawn* is the *Yawn* life."

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