Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 12

"*YAWN*" I yawned. "Wow! I never usually have this good of a sleep at Matainui!" I grinned, rolling over to face the rest of my group.

"I has such a good sleep!" Dilshen smiled, hugging his pillow.

"*gasp*" I gasped. "We need to go back to the lake to see if anything has happened!" I yelled grabbing my new clothes, and running to the changing room. I came out of the changing room smiling, and continuously posing for my group. I grinned looking down at my white 3/4 length tights, over top there was a gold poof skirt, with a black singlet top, and a short cardigan/jacket, of white.

"You look so cool!" Kim yelled.

"Thanks for the clothes Kim, your good as at making them! They remind me of Supre!" I said.

"It's all because of my power, suddenly I know all about what most thing are made out of, I then grow the ingredients, and there!" She grinned.

"You look cool too!" I said to Haylee and Kim. Haylee was wearing a Blue singlet over a pink singlet, with a short denim skirt and pink tights. Kim was wearing a Emerald green halter neck dress, going down to her knees, with creamy beige tights going down to her ankles. The boys were just wearing plain old board shorts, with short sleeved tops that looked kind of like they were from hallensteins.

"O.K, lets go guys,. we're ready!" I grinned, flying out carrying the rest of my group in air bubbles around me, I felt my amulets shake in my pocket as we got closer and closer to the mountain. I gulped, as the lake came into view.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" I screamed as I saw the lake, it seemed that a huge mountain had risen up in it's place!! I could still see the cave we were in the day before, it still had the topaz shining in the middle, I grinned as i flew around the mountain, looking for an entrance. I shrugged, and flew into the chamber from the day before.

"HEY!!!" I yelled pointing to five silver chains, floating above the spaces where our amulets were the other day. I gasped and grabbed them walking towards my group.

"I think all of our amulets fit into these bracelets, well, this one has a slight green tinge, so I'm guessing it's Kim's, this one is kind of sparkly, so I think it's mine, this one has kind of a black tinge, so I'm guessing it's Dilshen's, this one looks tinged red, so It's Kieran's and lastly this one is tinged blue, so I'm guessing it's Haylee's" I said handing all of them out.

"Um. Lets try to put our mini eyes, one this chain." Dilshen said.

I tried to put them on, but only one clicked, I frowned grabbing one of Dilshen's. It clicked. I grinned grabbing one of each of them, they all clicked nicely.

"Cool!" We yelled. I heard a long buzzing sound, kind of like a drill, I frowned, and walked over to the wall, pressing my ear against it. I smiled, and ran my finger over a crack in the wall, like I had in the cave before. The wall, slid open, I gasped, beckoned my group, we stepped into the dark cave, I was about to walk over to the corner of the room, when I tripped over, causing the whole room we were in to shake, we screamed, as the room slid down, like an elevator.

We felt a big bump. And the doors on the other side slid open. I gasped, as I laid eyes on a doctor-like room, with a whole lot of equipment lying everywhere, I looked out side the glass room, with all of the equipment, to see disgusting alien creatures, with octopus like legs, wriggling around outside. I felt sick, watching their green heads inflate, then deflate, over and over again. I then turned my vision to the middle of the room, I gasped, seeing MR WOODY!!!

He was lying in the middle of the room, tied to an operating table, with a metal cap on his head, with a clear tube with green liquid running into his head, I gasped again. Pointing to him, my group gasped an we were about to run towards him. His eyes, started to multiply, his legs became scaly, and yellow, and his body, became green and oozy. I screamed. Whoops. A whole lot of aliens came running, or should I say wriggling, in.

We gasped, hiding under one of the desks.

"The experiment has been very successful master!!! Our patient has already transformed."

"Well, what can I say, He was easy to trick!"

"What!!!???" I whispered, I smiled, holding the ankh, which had been in my pocket, up to my ear.

"The experiment has been very successful master!!! Our patient has already transformed."

"Well, what can I say, He was easy to trick!"

I gasped quietly, after hearing what they had said, I wanted to make a dash for the door straight away.

"O.K guys, we are super hero's!! We can beat these wannabes!' I encouraged.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAYA!!!" I screamed jumping out from my hiding spot. "Take this aliens!" I yelled, placing five aliens inside an air bubble. "Kieran! Fire please?"

"My pleasure!" He yelled placing fire inside the bubble.

I looked over my shoulder, giggling at Haylee drowning most of the aliens, and Kim, strangling them with vines. I gasped, suddenly seeing an alien running towards us with a gun. I screamed.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" I ran towards the rest of my group, the whole thing seemed to go in slow motion, I focused on being air-like, causing the bullet go straight through me and out the other side. I gasped, seeing Kieran standing behind me, I screamed, again. As the bullet went towards his arm, I quickly turned him into air, but not quick enough, he managed to have a deep gash in his arm! He screamed out in pain. I gasped, quickly turning the rest of my group and I into air, we were all so weak. We quickly turned back, into the elevator, pushing the button, and flying back home. I put an air bubble around my group. And watched Kieran just lie inside it, grasping his arm. I felt a lump rise in my throat, I was the one who told them to fight. It was my fault! I felt a tear run down my cheek, but pressed onwards, seeing our space ship come into sight. We quickly landed in our spaceship, we crowded Kieran, observing his wound.

"Kim, do you know any herbs that could help it heal faster?" I asked.

"Uh, yeah I know just the thing, I'll go grow it now." She stuttered.

"I'll get the first aid kit." Dilshen said. I sighed. "How do you feel?" I asked.

"My arm stings, but if you hadn't of turned me to air, I would have had a bullet in my arm." He laughed.

"It's not funny, is it Haylee?"

"No, Kieran, you Might've died!" Haylee exclaimed.

"Here's the first aid kit." Dilshen said handing it to me.

"Thanks Dilshen, O.K Kieran, what we're going to do, is put whatever Kim has in store, on your wound, and then we'll wash it, and stitch it up." I smiled. "It isn't as bad as it sounds."

"Here." Kim puffed, handing me a liquid stuff. I rubbed it over his wound, with a damp cloth. He cringed a bit, but then fainted.

"KIERAN!!!" I yelled. "You've been unconscious for 2 hours!!" I sighed, as he woke up.

"Sorry" He said.

"Well, your wounds fine." I assured. "We'll go back to rescue Mr Woody, and transform him back tomorrow." I said. "But for now, lets get some sleep. I said, walking into the changing room, having a small shower, or in other words, a bucket, got into my P.J's and slept.

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