Thursday, December 10, 2009


“WEEEEEHEEEEEEE!!!!!” Charli yelled. “This is fun Madz!! I’m glad you’re my sister!”

"Yeah sure Charli, thanks, did that dress fit you?” I said to my 7 year old blond sister.

“Yes!! It was sooo cool!!! When do we get to Matainui? I wasn’t to go and see your friends Kim and Haylee!” She whined.

“In about three more minutes!” I assured. “How you doing Holly?” I asked my other 9 year old sister.

“Good!!! I can’t believe you can fly!!!!” She gasped.

“Rosie? How about you?”

“I’m having fun!!!” My 5 year old sister replied.

“O.K, here we are!” said, popping my families air bubbles, as they landed safely to the ground.

“Hey guys!” I said.

“Hey Maddi!” Dilshen, Haylee, Kim, and Kieran replied.

“How’s, they tree house going?” I asked.

“Good!! But we need your help. We can’t lift this.” Kieran said, pointing to a long, metal pole.

“Sure!” I said lifting it up easily in an air bubble. “Where do you want it?” I asked.

“Just in that hole there, it’s going to be our flag!” He said.

“Awesome!” I yelled.

“I painted it that color!!” Rosie yelled.

“You sure did!” Haylee said, cuddling her.

“We’re so proud of you guys!” Our parents said, giving us various hugs.

“Well” I said. “Matainui’s a magical place.

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  1. This story is so cool! Um... Pinky, a prologue is the introduction of a novel. The epilogue is the concluding part.